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January 31st 2016 NTNOA Club Meeting at Papa’s Bar-B-Q
By Bev Bowen

Yep, this was our first meeting of the year and knowing a good start gets the momentum going, it should be a BANNER year for NTNOA! What a Club! Give or take, there were about 70 motorcycles in the car park, to include a high number of vintage machines, a good number of them Nortons! Let’s see,  with the splendid sunny and 70 degree weather, our al fresco (OK, you cognoscenti know the Italians more correctly call it all'aperto) dining , and the fine aroma of BBQ, and the sounds of laughter and tuned motorbikes it was one of those scenes that stays in the fond memory section of the brain. And, there might have been a beer or two that encouraged the raucous camaraderie.

Inspired by great riding weather, folks showed up early, so there was much time for tire kicking. The meeting got underway, and Richard Asprey and Dennis Tackett kicked things off to get us through all the business. The highlights were:

Recognition of Randy Bauer’s “swan song” running of the International Motorcycle Show Club booth. He really did another great job, the fine bikes on display drew lots of visitors, and raffle bike ticket sales greatly out-numbered those sold at last year’s event!  We even signed up a new member! Of course, as is his style, Randy brushed it off and gave all the “help” credit for manning the booth and hauling in and out the show bikes. Baloney! He was a HOSS at being the BOSS!

Reminder to take note that this year’s Lake ‘o the Pines Rally is scheduled a wee bit EARLIER than what we’ve been used to – it begins September 29 and ends October 2. Also, this will be a change in HQ to Diamond Don RV Park at Big Cypress Bayou, Jefferson, TX http://www.diamonddonrvpark.com

More hype to join the fun at The Hill Country Ride down in Leakey, April 28 – May 1. This has MAXIMUM FUN written all over it! The Lone Star Section of the Vincent Owners Club will be joining us. We will have BBQ at a restaurant in Leakey on Thursday night, then a bike line up and din-din over at the Vincent folk’s digs on Friday night, then a pig and chicken roast on Saturday night at our HQ! In between, UNBELIEVABLE and GLORIOUS British and European motorcycling in vicinity of the famous “Three Twisted Sisters” FM roads! Whoop!

Michael Marshall, our new Event Chairman Honcho, reminded us that we are invited to join in on the “Mods vs. Rockers Dallas” hoorah April 1-3 http://www.rockersvsmods.com

Reminder that All British and European Car and Bike Show is May 1st, 2016:  http://www.allbritishcarday.com

Pate Meet April 28 – May 1: http://www.texasmotorspeedway.com/upcoming-events/special-events/pate-swap-meet

Next Meeting at Eurosport Cycle, February 28th.

We’re off to a great start! Balls to the wall for MAXIMUM FUN 2016!

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