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Wendy Selling Raffle Bike Tickets at Rockers vs. Mods Dallas.

Dave Selling Raffle Bike Tickets to Paul.

2015 Rockers vs. Mods Austin
Feb. 27th - Mar. 1st
Click here for Randy's photos.

Well the weather wasn't the best for the Rockers vs Mods in Austin. Plain and simple it just sucked. Robb Green, Paul Fielder-White and I left Dallas around 9:00 AM Friday just as the snow was coming down, in the truck naturally. It was a little slick on some of the bridges but not too bad on the way down. All the wrecks were on the other side.

We got to the Austin Hotel before check in and unloaded the bikes and went for a walk down South Congress Ave. to find a cocktail. We saw Perla's Seafood and Oyster Bar and decided we walked far enough. Paul still full from lunch had to have some oysters because he" loves them", he told us. What kind she asks. Paul, with a puzzled look didn't have a clue. So she said “I will make you an assortment". Time for me to go check in so I left for the hotel. Got the room opened up and here they come. Paul asks me if I knew how much the bill was, not a clue. Three drinks and a dozen oysters with tip, almost a hundred dollars. Every time we passed by the restaurant Robb and I tried to get Paul to go in, it began a big joke the hole time.

Friday meet and greet and check in was at Jo's across the street. DeLacey Melehes and Stephanie Gage passed out the goodie bags. Richard we need them at LOP; they do a great job, easy on the eyes, and a lot of fun to be with. Of course you got to thank Jeremiah Martin for drafting them.

Friday night was at the South Austin Brewery. Great micro brewed beer. Good band and nice scenery. Sorry about the pictures. Pulling out and putting the camera in my pocket it changed the settings.

Saturday morning we walked to breakfast. Passed Perla's Seafood again (Ha Ha) on the way to the Magnolia on S. Congress Ave. Great place for all three meals. We left out the back door and down the street on the west side of Congress. Check out the cool houses.

Saturday we got to ride to Lone Star Cycle in the misty wetness. Most of the streets were dry. My Speed Triple's battery went dead. Paul went the auto parts store and got a 8mm wrench to get the seat off, but no luck on jumping it off. Paul went to Lone Star and got a battery, but it needed to be charged. Mat behind the counter took a smaller battery, and he and Paul went to rescue me in his car. Mat installed the battery and we went to the dealer ship. After the battery charged Mat installed it. No charge for labor or service charge. Mat and Lone star are the best. There were few people for the raffle so we all got at least one gift.

Saturday night was at Revival Cycles. What a fantastic place. Check out the bikes, you might recognize some of them. Dave Edinger had a few there. Out of all the people that I would not expect to see there was Steve Klein from the Cherokee Chapter.

Sunday was a little meet out by Lake Travis. We said our good byes and thanked Jeremiah, Stephanie, and DeLacey and headed home.

Your VP Randy

March Meeting Recap

The 2015 March Club meeting was held at Big D Cycle on Sunday, March 22nd.

The meeting was started at 1400 by president Richard Asprey with over 50 people in attendance. Thanks to Keith and staff for opening up Big D Cycle and thanks to Bobby Vaughn for preparing his world famous gumbo for all to enjoy.

Upcoming events:

Spring Hill Country Ride, centered in and around Leakey, TX, - Apr. 23rd to 26th.

Pate Swap Meet, at the Texas Motor Speedway - Apr. 30th to May 3rd. Shelby Withrow from the Antique Motorcycle Club of America discussed at length how it will work.

British Invasion of the Ozarks, in and around Arkansas - Sep. 11th to 18th. Dennis Tackett talked up the September Arkansas ride.

New bikes:

Richard Asprey bought a tricked out Honda Grom with a big bore kit and Ӧhlins suspension.

Jerrett Martin showed off his new Triumph race bike. A hat was passed to raise money for tires for his upcoming race at the Big Easy.

Richard said a special thank you to Mike Mediterraneo for all his hard work in organizing everything.

Richard Asprey won the 50/50 and handed the money over to Jerrett.

My First Bike Story!

The club's first "My First Bike" contest ended and the winner was announced at the February meeting at Moto Liberty.  After careful consideration Wendy Griffiths was chosen as the winner.   She received free registration for herself and David, her husband to the 2015 Lake O' the Pines rallye along with five raffle bike tickets. 

The contest was such a hit the club decided to run it again. The winner will be announced at our April club meeting at RPM Cycle on Sunday, April 19th. Once again, the winner will receive free registration for the Lake O' the Pines rallye along with five raffle bike tickets.  Send your First Bike Story to firstbike@ntnoa.org.  All entries will be published on this homepage.

Click on the Author for their story.

The list of entries for the first contest. 
[Randy Bauer's entry]
[Wendy Griffiths' entry] - Winner
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The list of entries for the second contest.
[Dennis Tackett's entry]
[Darrell Leverington's second entry]

Many years ago the club president asked for First Bike Stories.  Click here for all the very old entries.

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