NTNOA's '00 Lake O' the Pines
Jack Wilson Memorial Rallye

Daryl O'Neill - Rallye Chairman

Was Friday through Sunday, October 6, 7, & 8, 2000

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It rained most of the day on Friday but cleared up during the late afternoon and the roads were dry enough to enjoy the traditional group ride to the Catfish Village on Friday night.  Although Doug Fox was a no show for Catfish, he did manage to arrange for his traditional fresh lemons to arrive just in time. On Saturday it drizzled on and off all day but despite the inclement weather many braved the rain and displayed their treasures in all their glory for the Bike Show.

Thanks to Daryl Bane the Awards Ceremony went off without a hitch and for the first time in many years with a functional PA system. Daryl performance as our LOP- MC was exemplary. Thanks also go to Dave Howe, Peckerhead extraordinaire for coming up with our best Trophies and Rallye pins seen to date and to Berwyn Henderson for once again laying out our bike show area and organizing the ballot counting team. Thanks to Pistol the documentation was the best ever and to Paul Valentine who handled all the AMA insurance chores. The Extra Mile awards go to John "Gimpy" Orchard and his trusty sidekick, Travis for printing and hand delivering the Rallye packs. Door prizes were the best ever; there must have been $1000 retail at least, thanks Clay Walley and Square Four for rounding up in-town and out of town donors. Some of the companies that donated door prizes are: Baxter Cycle British Parts and Bikes, Old Britts Norton Parts & Books, Fair Spares America Inc., Norton Specialists, Moores Cycle Supply, Vintage Brit Bike Parts, British Cycle Supply, Allyn Air, BMW of N. Dallas and Moto-Techniques.

Special Recognition:  Many thanks for the extraordinary effort by Daryl O'Neill, LOP Rallye Chairman who never complained the entire time. He kept a cool head while under pressure and receiving criticism. He kept focus to make the 2000 LOP Rallye a success. Like John Wayne he rode his little orange scooter into the den of the Burn-Outs and insisted they pay-up and register. They did, single file like a gaggle of ducks. Bob Speer did a fantastic job of producing a new club T-Shirt and selling them and hats, like hot cakes. When he wasn’t selling he was retrieving signs from the highway dept. Hats off to the very few, whose extra effort rescued the Rallye. The potential loss was turned into better than break-even.

Improvements this year were a separate show bike sign-in, single voting sheet and a PA system that worked perfect. In addition, even the BBQ was better than last year. There were very sharp trophies, plenty of pins, and the sign-in went smooth once we got organized. While there weren’t as many bikes, the Bike Show display was still very nice with Norton’s, Vincents, BSA’s, Triumph’s, Italian and German bikes.

To all those who did make the pilgrimage - thanks for making this year's rallye a success.  For those who didn't - hope to see you next year.

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Join the club.  Come out next year.  Display your bike & enjoy yourself in a weekend of great fun!

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'00 Bike Show Results





1 NORTON (pre-Commando) No Entries  
1st. Bob Cox
2nd. Sid Guillot
3rd. John Martin
'73 850 Roadster
'74 Interstate
'72 Hi-Rider
3 NORTON COMMANDO - 1975 No Entries  
4 TRIUMPH (Pre-Unit) Dean Baker '56 T-110
5 TRIUMPH ( 1963 - 1970) 1st. Jason Small
2nd. Dean Baker
3rd. Rick Tompleins
'63 5TA Speed Twin
'64 T-120 Bonneville
'68 TR6 C
6 TRIUMPH (1971 - 1983) 1st. Brian Gantt
2nd. Mike Thompson
3rd. Eddie Poteet
'76 Trident Legend
'73 Hurricane
'71 Tiger
7 TRIUMPH (Modern) 1st. Jay Moore
2nd. Harold Hemphill
'99 Speed Triple
'99 Thunderbird
8 BSA (Vintage 1963 & Older) Bill Jenkins '39 BSA M20
9 BSA (1964 & Later) 1st. Mike Selvey
2nd. Frank Varsia
'68 Victor Clubman
'69 Thunderbolt
10 GERMAN (Vintage 1970 & Older) No Entries  
11 GERMAN (Classic 1971 - 1993) 1st. Tom Willis '75 R90S
12 GERMAN (Modern 1994 & Later No Entries  
13 ITALIAN (Classic 1989 & Older) 1st. Spencer Young
2nd. Harold Hemphill
3rd. Michael Sprott
'77 Ducati Darmah 900
'73 Moto Guzzi Eldorado
'79 Vespa P-200
14 ITALIAN (Modern 1990 & Later) 1st. Doug Fox
2nd. Phil Voigt
3rd. Mark Boesch
'00 Aprilia RSV-R
'95 Ducati M-900
'00 Aprilia RSV-R
15 COMPETITION 1st. Stuart Garrison
2nd. Dennis Tackett
'71 Ducati 500 R/T
'71 Triumph 500
16 SINGLES (British & European) 1st. Stuart Garrison
2nd. Daryl O'Neill
'52 AJS 185
'51/61 Matchless G80S
17 SIDECAR (British & European) No Entries  
18 OTHER BRITISH & EUROPEAN 1st. Dave Hartner '51 Vincent Black Shadow
20 CAFE & MODIFIED STREET 1st. Phil Dansby
2nd. Mike Poteet
'73 Norton Commando SS
'74 Triumph Trident
21 CONCOURS 1st. Stewart Garrison
2nd. Phil Dansby 
'74 Ducati 750 SS
'79 Ducati 900 SS
22 PEOPLES CHOICE 1st. Stewart Garrison '74 Ducati 750 SS
23 OLDEST RIDER Charles Busbee BMW K75RT
24 YOUNGEST RIDER all too old!  
25 LONGEST DISTANCE Doug Fox from Kansas City
            BEST NORTON No Entries  
            BEST TRIUMPH Jay McCurry '95 Triumph Daytona 900
            BEST ITALIAN Doug Fox '00 Aprilia RSV-R
            BEST GERMAN Dave Howe '94 Mystic Special

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This years heroes:

Rally Chairman – Daryl O’neill
Registration – Don McBride
MC – Daryl Bain
Asst. MC – Victor Toogood
Asst. MC – Joe Tokarz
Trophies and pins – Dave Howe
Bike Judging – Berwyn Henderson
Asst. Bike Judging – Dave Howe
AMA Insurance – Paul Valentine
Bike Classes – George Tuttle
Signs, Club shirt and hat sells – Bob Speer
Door prizes – Clay Walley, Paul Valentine, Dave Popovich
Rally Packs – John Orchard (JC)
Neat Bike Awards – Jay McCurry
Rally Shirt Design – Bob Cox
Rally Shirt sells – Bob Distelcamp
Pin Design – Bob Kizer

Contributors (in alphabetical order)

Allyn Air
Baxter Cycle
BMW of Ft. Worth
EuroSport Cycles
Fair Spares America Inc.
Italian Motorsports
Bob Kizer
Mid City Cycles
Moores Cycle Suppy
Moto Techniques USA
Old Britts Norton
North Dallas BMW Triumph
RPM Cycles
Stoval’s Cycles

2000 Rallye T-shirt design

Above is on the back and below is on the front.

Artwork by Bob Cox

Here are the donors of the out-of -town door prizes.

Baxter Cycle
British Parts &Bikes
Randy Baxter
PO Box 85 
Marne, IA 51552
Old Britts
Norton Parts &Books
Fred Eaton
PO Box 472
Enumclaw, WA 98022
Fair Spares America Inc.
Norton Specialists
Phil Radnor
PO Box 8224
San Jose, CA 95155
Moores Cycle Supply
Vintage Brit Bike Parts
British Cycle Supply
PO Box 119
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Canada B0P 1X0
902-542-7479 Fax
Allyn Air
18 Millstream Rd
Woodstock NY 12498

See You Next Year!

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