2005 Lake O' the Pines Rally Recap

Dennis Tackett - Rally Chairman

Photo courtesy of Daniel Peirce, Trick Photography.

This year's rallye attracted  over 300 motorcycle enthusiasts (and others).

Saturday's Bike Show displayed 86 of the finest original and restored European, American and Pacific Rim motorcycles found anywhere in the world.

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Photo courtesy of Paul Valentine.

The Avinger Future Farmers of America (FFA) once again handled our registration desk and after hours security.  They did another great job this year.

One camper's observation:
I personally witnessed Johnny Cool swan dive into a roaring campfire and the only damage I saw was the thermal exfoliation of eyebrows and eyelids.  After that his name should be Johnny Caliente'. ...Just a thought.  But it gets better, before that, someone on a light 4 stroke single drove through the same fire, the first time successfully, the second time they wiped out just past the same roaring camp fire, with the throttle pinned and the poor engine at 10,000+ and floating valves (old school rev limiter?).  Fire rider then picked the screaming bike up without pulling in the clutch and it roosted the peanut gallery in red sand with a nice half donut before hooking up and exited wheeleying between spectators.
Is it too early to sign up for next years rally??
Signed - an untrained, slightly inebriated observer

Paul Valentine's 2005 Lake O' the Pines Rallye Photo Album

2005 Bike Show Results





1 NORTON (pre-Commando) 1st  Ed Fletcher '33 Norton 16H
2 NORTON COMMANDO 1st  Jay Moates
2nd  George Tuttle
3rd  Mike Selvey
'76 MKIII Commando
'75 MKIII Commando
'72 Commando
3 TRIUMPH (Pre-Unit) 1st  Jason Small '58 Thunder Bird
4 TRIUMPH ( 1963 - 1970) 1st  Jason Small
2nd  Robert Mercer
3rd  Mike Thomson
'63 Speed Twin
'66 T-120 Bonneville
'70 T-120 Bonneville
5 TRIUMPH (1971 - 1983) 1st  Jerry Caves
2nd  George Tuttle
'78 T-140 Bonneville
'79 T-140 Bonneville
6 TRIUMPH (Modern) 1st  Robert Mercer
2nd  Rafael Baccaza
'05 Thruxton
'05 T-100 Bonneville
7 BSA (Vintage 1963 & Older) 1st  Rudy McCallister '51 BSA 650
8 BSA (1964 & Newer) 1st  Ted Garland '67 BSA Spitfire
9 GERMAN (Vintage 1969 & Older) 1st  Perry Bushong '33 BMW R-2
10 GERMAN (Classic 1970 - 1993) 1st  Joey Edwards '70 R75/5
11 GERMAN (1994 & Newer) 1st  Kevin Wilfong '99 BMW R1100RS
12 ITALIAN (Classic 1989 & Older) 1st  Phil Dansby
2nd  Laurent Fouillet
'88 Benelli 900 Sei
'75 Moto Guzzi'
13 ITALIAN (1990 & Newer) 1st  Steve Hampton
2nd  Dave Edinger
'93 Daytona 1000
'03 Ducati 999
14 COMPETITION 1st  Richard Bates '58 BSA Goldstar
15 SINGLES (British & European) 1st  Josh Bushong '71 Jawa 250
16 SIDECAR (British & European) 1st  Charles Vaughn '75 BMW/Nipper-car
17 OTHER BRITISH & EUROPEAN 1st  Jay Pope '58 Indian
18 ANTIQUE (1953 & Older) 1st  Jessica Thomson
2nd  Mike Vance
'16 Triumph Model H
'46 Indian Chief
19 ANTIQUE (1954 to 1970) 1st  Jim Gattis

2nd  Mike Thomson
'54 Vincent Black Shadow
'58 Harley Panhead'
20 PACIFIC RIM 1st  Berwyn Henderson
2nd  Dave Murr
3rd  Justin Bauer
'77 Honda CB400F
'72 Honda SL350
'79 Honda CB750
21 CAFE 1st  Bob Cox '67 Atlas/Commando
22 MODIFIED STREET 1st  Dave Lyles
2nd  David Bradford
'66 Tiger Bobber
'66 Triumph TR6
23 CONCOURS 1st  Harry Viller (RPM Cycle) '72 Rickman 8 Valve
  PEOPLES CHOICE 1st  Bob Cox '67 Atlas/Commando
  Best Norton Ridden to the Rallye Jay Moates '76 MKIII Interstate
  Best Triumph Ridden to the Rallye Doug Fox '97 Triumph Daytona
  Best German Ridden to the Rallye Kevin Wilfong '99 BMW R1100RS
  Best Italian Ridden to the Rallye
(Derrel Robertson Memorial)
David Edinger (JCFR) '03 Ducati 999
  Kick Start Contest Jay McCurry '77 T-140 Silver Jubilee

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Photo courtesy of Paul Valentine.

This years heroes:

Rally Chairman Dennis Tackett
Registration – Avinger FFA
MC – Daryl Bane
Trophies, Signs and Pins – Phil Dansby
PA system - Dean Baker
AMA Insurance - Bill Keating
Security Avinger FFA
Bike Show – Johnny Cool (David Edinger)
Rallye & Club T-shirt and Hat sales – Bob Speer
Door prizes Clay Walley and Dicky Hunter
Rally Packs – Dicky Hunter
Rally Shirt Design Joe Edwards
Pin Design – Bob Kizer


Audry of Moto Liberty
Keith Martin of RPM Cycle
Perry Bushong of Perry's Motorcycle Service
Tony Lewis of EuroSport Cycles
BMOA of Houston
Junior of North Dallas BMW

Photo courtesy of Daniel Peirce, Trick Photography.

Berwyn Henderson won the Rallye raffle bike which was a 1981 Yamaha SR250.

This year's Lake O' the Pines T-shirt design by Joe Edwards.

This year's Rallye Pin design.


See you next year!

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