The 22nd Annual Lake O' the Pines Rally
October 6, 7 & 8, 2006
Rally Chairman – Dennis Tackett

Sam Wheeler - 2006 Grand Marshal

This year's rally drew over 450 people and a display of over 100 of the finest restored British & European motorcycles anywhere in the country.  Thanks to all for making this one of the best.

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Sam Wheeler, fastest man on two wheels, was invited to be our Grand Marshal for the 2006 Lake O the Pines Rallye. Sam was recognized for setting the current fastest one-way pass of 355mph at the recent BUB Speed Trials as well as his record in 1970. In 1969 Sam built a streamliner out of an old aircraft fuel drop tank powered by a single 750cc Norton engine. He took this machine to Bonneville in 1970 and set the record at 208mph on regular pump gas. This was the fastest single engine Norton in motorcycling history. The Norton streamliner is currently being restored at RPM Cycle. Upon completion, it will reside in the British National Motorcycle Museum. We invited Sam to give an account of building and racing both streamliners. Sam spoke at the beginning of the LOP awards ceremony and the crowd was fascinated as he described what it was like to pilot a motorcycle at 200mph+ speeds. He calmly described how the front tire blew out in his EZ Hook streamliner as he set the 355mph record. He also described racing the Norton streamliner and then taking it to England for wind tunnel testing sponsored by the Norton factory. Norton planned to back Sam and go for the overall speed record, but unfortunately these plans were scrapped due to a US lawsuit filed just before the record run. The Norton never ran again. At the end of his talk the club presented Sam a trophy in appreciation of the Norton record.

"Doctor Norton"

During this years 22nd annual Lake O’ The Pines rally, it was my extreme pleasure to recognize one of our original club members. Joe Edwards aka “Dr. Norton” was awarded a “Life Time Membership” to the NTNOA. Dr. Norton holds the proud designation of being member number one in our club. Besides being one of the founding members, Dr. Norton has faithfully attended almost all of our LOP rallys. Traveling many times from as far away as California and the last couple of years all the way from Washington State.

Joe has also been instrumental in providing the T-Shirts for our rallies as well as collecting door prizes from many out of state supporters/dealers.

God speed Dr. Norton and we’ll see you again next year!

Captain Commando

2006 Lake O' the Pines Rallye Recap
by Dean Baker

This year’s Lake O’ the Pines rallye, by all accounts, will go down as one of the best events in the association’s history. The 22nd annual rallye enjoyed record attendance, outstanding weather, arguably the best collection of motorcycles this side of the Barber museum and the fastest man on two wheels for the Grand Marshal. It was a recipe for success, and the ingredients delivered.

Following previous years’ honorees that include David Edwards, T.C. Christenson and Ed Mabry, this year’s Grand Marshal was Sam Wheeler, accompanied by his wife Carol. Sam has a long affiliation with Norton: Not only was he employed by Norton during the ‘70s, Sam holds the speed record for a single engine Norton streamliner at 208 mph. That machine is currently undergoing restoration at Keith Martin’s RPM Cycle. More recently, Sam’s Kawasaki powered E-Z-Hook Streamliner clocked a one way pass of 355.303 mph at the 2006 BUB International Speed Trials at Bonneville. Unfortunately, failure of the front tire during the run made a follow up run impossible. During the rallye’s awards ceremony Sam held the crowd spellbound as he spoke of his career and described what it is like to have a front tire come apart in excess of 300 mph. Later to everyone’s amazement, (particularly his own), Sam won the 1972 Norton Commando raffle bike. Electing to concentrate his efforts on the E-Z-Hook Streamliner rather than restoring the Norton, Sam agreed to sell the bike back to the club. Look for the Commando to be raffled off again next year. Being owned, albeit briefly, by Sam Wheeler makes the Norton even more desirable!

We have become accustomed to having a remarkable collection of classic motorcycles at our rallye, and this year was no exception. Under a cloudless sky nearly 500 participants and spectators were treated to the finest in vintage European motorcycles, with an exceptional sampling of American and Pacific Rim machines rounding out the display. After the People’s Choice balloting was completed, some of those bikes went on to the field events. There they revealed the beasts within the beauties as they vied for honors in cold start, ride the plank and slow-ride competitions.

Putting on an event like this requires months of preparation. Planning for this year’s rallye began a few weeks after last year’s rallye ended. During the past several months a small group of dedicated volunteers spent countless hours in preparation, and then devoted the majority of their weekend to ensuring a successful event. Club President Clay Walley, VP Dave (JCFR) Edinger, and Rallye Chairman Dennis Tackett seemed to be everywhere at once and were tireless in their efforts. The Jefferson Chamber of Commerce team handled registration, entry control and t-shirt sales. Paid attendance was 447 participants and guests. Our annual dues are very low, and LOP profits provide the vast majority of the club’s working capital for the year. Although it will be a tough act to follow, the hard work and dedication of these volunteers and the unqualified success of the 2006 rallye have laid the groundwork for the 23rd LOP Rallye in 2007. Preparations have already begun. We hope to see you there.

Photo courtesy of Paul Valentine

2006 Bike Show Results

There are photos of most winners.  Click on the "YEAR/MAKE/MODEL" to view a photo of that bike.
Photos courtesy of Paul Valentine, Ben D'Avanza and Mike Poteet.
If you have photos you would like to add send them to





1 NORTON (pre-Commando) 1st  John Reidling '71 Norton Electra
2 NORTON COMMANDO 1st  Sid Guillot
2nd  Ben Phillips
3rd  Bob Cox
'75 850 Roadster
'74 850 Roadster
'73 850 Roadster
3 TRIUMPH (Pre-Unit) 1st  Dean Baker '56 T-100 Tiger
4 TRIUMPH ( 1963 - 1970) 1st  Bob Hagemann
2nd  Sean Fleskes
'70 Bonneville
'70 TR6/R
5 TRIUMPH (1971 - 1983) 1st  George Tuttle
2nd  Larry Dale
'79 Bonneville
'73 Bonneville
6 TRIUMPH (Modern) 1st  Ben Phillips
2nd  Dave Howe
3rd  Randy Bauer
'07 675 Daytona
'06 Speed Triple
'02 Bonneville
7 BSA (Vintage 1963 & Older) 1st  John Scott '53 A10 Superflash
8 BSA (1964 & Newer) 1st  Craig Boland '70 Thunderbolt
9 GERMAN (Vintage 1969 & Older) 1st  Perry Bushong '36 BMW R12
10 GERMAN (Classic 1970 - 1993) 1st  Joey Edwards
2nd  Russ VandeWeerd
'70 BMW R75/5
'76 R90S
11 GERMAN (1994 & Newer) 1st  Steve Hampton '04 BMW R1200ST
12 ITALIAN (Classic 1989 & Older) 1st  Jay Pope
2nd  Kevin Giles
'78 Laverda
'76 Bennelli Sei
13 ITALIAN (1990 & Newer) 1st  Doug Fox
2nd  Dave Edinger
'97 MotoGuzzi 1100 Sport
'06 Ducati Paul Smart
14 COMPETITION 1st  Daryl O'Neill '66 Triumph Cub
15 SINGLES (British & European) 1st  Perry Bushong '53 Allstate Morini
16 SIDECAR (British & European) 1st  Robert Carreras '82 BMW R100/Ural
17 OTHER BRITISH & EUROPEAN 1st  Perry Bushong '56 Jawa 500 OHC
18 ANTIQUE (1950 & Older) 1st  Mike Thomson
2nd  James Freeman
'17 Excelsior
'21 J Harley-Davidson
19 PACIFIC RIM 1st  Brad Schneider
2nd  Kevin Wilfong
'75 Honda CB400F
'81 Yamaha SR500
20 CAFE 1st  Rick Kallenberg
2nd  James Rudnicki
'74 Norton
'75 BMW R90
21 MODIFIED STREET 1st  James Moore
2nd  Daryl O'Neill
Triumph Trackmaster
'70 Triumph TR6
22 CONCOURS 1st  Kevin Giles '59 Bonneville
  PEOPLES CHOICE 1st  Mike Thomson '17 Excelsior

Photo courtesy of Paul Valentine


This years heroes:

Rally Chairman – Dennis Tackett
Registration – LOP Area Chamber of Commerce
MC – Daryl Bane
Field Events - Jan Hergert
Trophies, Signs and Pins – Phil Dansby
AMA Insurance - Bill Keating
Security – LOP Area Chamber of Commerce
Bike Show – Johnny Cool (David Edinger)
Door prizes – Clay Walley, Dennis Tackett and Dicky Hunter
Rally Shirt Design – Joe Edwards
Pin Design – Bob Kizer


Audry of Moto Liberty
Keith Martin of RPM Cycle
Perry Bushong of Perry's Motorcycles and Sidecars
Daniel Peirce of Trick Photography
Bob Kizer - Pins Un-Ltd
European Cycle Sport
BMOA of Houston
McClain's RV
Triumph Motorcycle Owners Club of Germany

This year's Rally T-shirt design.
Artwork by Joe Edwards - Honorary Lifetime Member

This year's Rally Pin Design
By Bob Kizer


2006 Rallye Events & Schedule

SATURDAY 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Registration: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Special Awards For Bikes Ridden to the Rallye!

COLD START RACE – 1:00 PM – 1:15 PM
1st Place Trophy
Immediately following the Bike Show!

RIDE THE PLANK – 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
1st Place Trophy

Kid’s Obstacle Course – 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM
(12 and under) – Prize for each participant

Adult’s Obstacle Course – 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
1st Place Trophy

1972 Norton Combat Commando – Runs and rides!
Tickets $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00
Obtain tickets @ LOP and club meetings.
You do not need to be present @ LOP to win the Raffle Bike. Winner is responsible for transportation from the rally or Dallas, Texas.

Swap Meet Saturday (Bring your own tables)

CAMPING – Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

RIDE CAPTAIN: Dennis Tackett

5:30 PM – 7:00 PM


5:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Sam Wheeler – Current fastest man on two wheels (355mph) and builder/rider of the world’s fastest Norton (208mph) will narrate his account of building and racing this amazing machine for the 1970 record.

BURNOUT PIT – Saturday Night

7:00 PM TO 9:00 PM
Best run by popular vote wins $50.00
PIT BOSS: Scooter Jay


This year's Rallye Raffle Bike was a 1973 Norton Combat Commando.  It's street legal and runs.  It was won by our Grand Marshal - Sam Wheeler and sold back to the club for next year's raffle bike.

For an overview of the rally click on "Pines Needles and Chrome".  This year the Lake O' the Pines Area Chamber of Commerce under the direction of Judy Stafford handled our registration desk, food service and after hours security. 

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