Lake O’ the Pines Recap
October 5, 6, & 7, 2007

Rally Chairman – Dennis Tackett

The 23rd annual Lake O’ the Pines rally is now history.

Despite unseasonably warm temperatures and high humidity the overall conditions for the rally were excellent.   Nearly 400 enthusiasts came out to enjoy the event, which included spirited rides along the area’s excellent roads, remarkable scenery and of course a gathering of extraordinary motorcycles.   As usual, around one hundred outstanding machines were entered in the Peoples’ Choice show.  These bikes ran the gamut from Clay Walley’s freshly minted Ducati to Mike and Jessica Thompson’s pristine 1913 BSA.   Competition was keen, particularly in the prestigious Concours class, which included first place winners in various categories from last year’s rally.

After the Bike show, rally participants enjoyed an opportunity to listen to Grand Marshal Brian Slark speak on the decision to restore or not restore vintage machines.   As the man in charge of making such decisions at the world famous Barber Motorcycle Museum, Mr. Slark’s credibility was of the highest caliber.  He then held an informal question and answer session with the audience covering a wide variety of topics.  Mr. Slark’s friendly and approachable demeanor, along with his extensive knowledge of motorcycling in general and Nortons in particular, made the session most memorable for all in attendance.  We all hope to see him and his wife Diana at many LOPs to come. 

As the NTNOA and the Lake O’ the Pines rally nears their silver anniversary it is important to remember that these events don’t just happen.  Our rally is the culmination of countless hours of preparation.  The revenue generated by the rally pays for itself, and is the reason our club dues are so low.  A small number of volunteers do the majority of the work to make sure there are all the ingredients for a successful event.  In particular, President Clay Walley and Rally Chairman Dennis Tackett devoted a tremendous amount of time and energy to ensure everything came together at the right time.  The club membership owes them and all the volunteers a debt of thanks.  Additionally, special thanks go to Audrey at MotoLiberty for bringing her bus full of great gear, everyone who contributed door prizes, and the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce for their usual invaluable service at the registration booth.

The rally continues to evolve and improve each year.  Preparation for next year’s rally has already begun.  Be a part of it.  The club can use your help, please volunteer.

[Video '07 Rallye by Bob Cox]            [Casey Kinney's Photo Album]           [Paul Valentine's Photo Album]

Grand Marshal - Brian Slark
 <[Our 2007 Grand Marshal in Classic Bike]>
Photos of the Barber Motorsports Park and Vintage Museum
            <[95 photos taken by George Tuttle]>
<[107 photos taken by Dennis Tackett]>


Brian Slark, inducted to AMA Hall of Fame.

Seven historic figures took their places among motorcycling’s greatest legends Friday, Nov. 16, at the 2012 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Hosted by actor motorcyclist Perry King, the event honored the Hall of Fame Class of 2012: the late Rod Bush, KTM North America president and industry visionary; world championship roadracing tuner Nobby Clark; off-road racing champion Ty Davis; 1975 AMA Supercross Champion Jimmy Ellis; pioneering female motocrosser Sue Fish; world-class bike restorer Brian Slark; and the late iconic race starter Al Wilcox.

Brian Slark, who was born in London, England, on Feb. 2, 1938, was a moving force in the creation of a vibrant motocross-racing community in the United States in the 1960s.

Slark helped organize motocross tracks, promoting the sport by teaching famous people-including then-teen heartthrob Bobby Darin-to ride motorcycles and importing and building Rickman Metisse and Cheney motocrossers.

Slark later helped the late-Dave Mungenast, who is a member of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, create a motorcycle museum in St. Louis. Slark also helped create the world-class Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Leeds, Ala.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank my wife, Dian, who is always supportive and buys me motorcycles, how cool is that!” said Slark, as he accepted his honor. “I’d also like to thank Bud Ekins, for giving me the opportunity to come to this wonderful country; Nick Nicholson, who gave me motorbikes to ride and inspired me to ride the ISDT; Dave Mungenast Sr., a mentor and a friend; and last but not least, George Barber, who gave me the opportunity to be part of creating a world-class museum.”

Lake O' the Pines 2007 Bike Show Results

Most photos are courtesy of Paul Valentine.  Click on the LINK to view the photo.
If you have photos you would like to add send them to





1 NORTON (pre-Commando) 1st Bill Fergas '66 Norton Atlas
2 NORTON COMMANDO 1st  Russ VandeWeerd
2nd Ron Ernst
3rd James Comstock
'73 750 Commando
'70 750 Commando
'75 850 Commando
3 TRIUMPH (Pre-Unit) 1st Debra Hundley '50 Triumph Trophy
4 TRIUMPH ( 1963 - 1970) 1st Dean Baker
2nd Mike Fairchild
'65 T-120C Bonnie
'69 Trophy TR-6C
5 TRIUMPH (1971 - 1983) 1st Mike Poteet
2nd Kevin Giles
3rd Mike Poteet
'74 Trident
'73 Tiger
''79 Bonneville
6 TRIUMPH (Modern) 1st Ben D'Avanza
2nd Jan Herbert
3rd Randy Bauer
'01 Bonneville
'04 Bonneville
'02 Bonneville
7 BSA (Vintage 1963 & Older) 1st Brian Belcher '63 BSA Super Rocket
8 BSA (1964 & Newer) Ricky Pearson BSA ?
9 GERMAN (Vintage 1969 & Older) 1st Dave Edwards '38 BMW R71
10 GERMAN (Classic 1970 - 1993) 1st Everett Saverino
2nd Jessica Thomson
3rd Paul Lange
'83 BMW R65
BMW R-90-S
11 GERMAN (1994 & Newer) 1st Kevin Wilfong '99 BMW R1100RS
12 ITALIAN (Classic 1989 & Older) 1st John Bushong
2nd  Laurent Fouillet
'68 MW Riverside
'74 MotoGuzzi Eldorado
13 ITALIAN (1990 & Newer) 1st Michael Spnott
2nd Doug Fox
'05 Stella w/ PAV trailer
'06 MV Agusta F4 1000
14 COMPETITION 1st Perry Bushong '69 Bultaco
15 SINGLES (British & European) 1st Perry Bushong '94 Royal Enfield 500
16 SIDECAR (British & European) 1st Richard Summerville '66 BMW/Sidecar
17 OTHER BRITISH & EUROPEAN 1st Perry Bushong '50 C2 Chezita
18 ANTIQUE (1972 & Older) 1st Mike & Jessica Thomson '16 BSA
19 PACIFIC RIM 1st Dave Murr
2nd Adam Tucker
'69 Honda S-90
'77 G1 1000 Goldwing
20 AMERICAN 1st Dean Smith '49 Harley Flathead 45
21 CAFE 1st Dean Baker Triumph T-140 V
22 MODIFIED STREET 1st Noah Prikryl
2nd Casey Kinney
'69 Triumph
'68 Lightning
23 CONCOURS 1st Bob Cox '67 Norton Cafe Racer
  PEOPLES CHOICE Mike & Jessica Thomson 1916 BSA
  Best Norton Ridden to the Rallye J. J. Dobbs '74 Norton Commando
  Best Triumph Ridden to the Rallye Chris Parry '95 Triumph Thunderbird
  Best German Ridden to the Rallye Paul Lang BMW R80RS
  Best Italian Ridden to the Rallye Steve Hampton '03 MotoGuzzi Daytona
  Longest Distance Ridden to the Rallye Lou LLano 1,725 Miles
  Oldest who Rode to the Rallye Ward Hogue Triumph Thunderbird
  Winner of the Raffle Bike Mike Mcgill '73 Combat Commando

This years LOP heroes:

Rally Chairman – Dennis Tackett
Registration – LOP Area Chamber of Commerce
MC – Daryl Bane
Trophies – Phil Dansby
AMA Insurance - Bill Keating
Security – LOP Area Chamber of Commerce
Bike Show – Mike Vance
Door prizes – Dicky Hunter
Rally Shirt Design – Robert Opel
Pin Design – Bob Kizer


Audry of Moto Liberty
Keith Martin of RPM Cycle
Perry Bushong of Perry's Motorcycles and Sidecars
Brian Slark of Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum
Bob Kizer - Pins Un-Ltd
Greg Holt of Gulf Coast BMW
Tony & Martha Lewis - EuroSport Cycle
BMOA of Houston

Ralph's Five & Dime

This year's Rally T-shirt design.
Artwork by Robert Opel

2006 Rallye Events & Schedule

RIDE CAPTAIN: Dennis Tackett


SATURDAY 12:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Registration: 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Special Awards For Bikes Ridden to the Rallye!


1972 Norton Combat Commando – Runs & rides!
Tickets $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00
Obtain tickets @ LOP and club meetings.
You do not need to be present @ LOP to win the Raffle Bike. Winner is responsible for transportation from the rally or Dallas, Texas.


Swap Meet Saturday

CAMPING – Friday, Saturday, & Sunday


5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

3:00 PM – 4:30

Brian Slark – Current fastest man on two wheels (355mph) and builder/rider of the world’s fastest Norton (208mph) will narrate his account of building and racing this amazing machine for the 1970 record.

7:00 PM
Hot Dogs & Hamburgers


Raffle Bike

This year's Rallye Raffle Bike was a 1973 Norton Combat Commando.  It's street legal and runs.  It was won by Mike Mcgill.

All paint work donated by Jason Small

Email at

For an overview of the rally click on "Pines Needles and Chrome".  This year the Lake O' the Pines Area Chamber of Commerce under the direction of Judy Stafford handled our registration desk, food service and after hours security. 

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