2008 Bike Show Results
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1 NORTON (Pre-Commando) 1st Phil Shreck '63 Norton 500cc Single
2 NORTON COMMANDO 1st Leroy Nuckolls
2nd Steve Ledbetter
3rd Rob Mercer
'70 Commando
'75 Commando
'74 Commando
3 TRIUMPH (Pre-Unit) (no entries)  
4 TRIUMPH (1963 - 1970) 1st Danny Selman
2nd Danny Selman
'65 T-120C
'67 TR6 P
5 TRIUMPH (1971 - 1983) 1st Robert Adams
2nd Christine Sutton
3rd Darryl Boess
'73 T-100R
'71 Tiger
'73 T-150 V'
6 TRIUMPH (Modern) 1st Dawg
2nd David Eckwhals
3rd Randy Moore
'08 Rocket III
'06 Speed Triple
'04 Bonneville
7 BSA (1963 & Older) 1st Ernie Tacsik '46 BSA C10
8 BSA (1964 & Newer) 1st Clay Walley '66 BSA Spitfire
9 GERMAN (1969 & Older) 1st Dan Greenlee '60 R60/2
10 GERMAN (1970 - 1993) 1st Bruce Davidson
2nd Dennis Lechta
3rd Steve Rangeloff
'73 BMW R75/5
'76 BMW R90S
'84 BMW R100RS
11 GERMAN ( 1994 & Newer) 1st Steve Hampton '05 R1200ST
12 ITALIAN ( 1989 & Older) 1st Phil Grundy
2nd Jamie King
'80 Ducati GTS
'81 Moto Guzzi G5
13 ITALIAN ( 1990 & Newer) 1st Steve Hampton
2nd Johnny Conley
'93 Moto Guzzi Daytona
'07 Vespa
14 COMPETITION (Ed Mabry Award) 1st Steve Cassaro '79 Bimota SBC
15 SINGLES (British & European) 1st Perry Bushong '56 Matchless
16 SIDECAR (British & European) 1st Ed Fletcher '48 R35 BMW
17 OTHER BRITISH & EUROPEAN 1st Mike Thomson '35 Rudge
18 ANTIQUE (1973 & Older) 1st Allen Soloman '53 AJS 18CS
19 PACIFIC RIM 1st Leroy Nuckolls
2nd Brad Schneider
'75 Kawasaki H-1
'75 Honda CB400F
20 AMERICAN 1st Mike Vance '46 Indian Chief
21 CAFE 1st Tom Willis '51 Vincent Special
22 MODIFIED STREET (also Chopper) 1st Dave Lyles
2nd Jay Moore
'66 Triumph Bobber
'71 Triumph Cafe
23 CONCOURS (Jack Wilson Memorial) 1st Danny Selman '53 Triumph Blackbird
24 ROLLING CONCOURS 1st Laura Keating '75 BMW R90S
  PEOPLES CHOICE 1st Dawg '08 Rocket III
  OLDEST RIDER (Jim Flowers Memorial) Bud Roden  
  YOUNGEST RIDER (Jim Gabrielson Memorial) ?  
  LONGEST DISTANCE Ridden to the Rallye
                                (Kevin Edwards Memorial)
       BEST NORTON (Ridden to the Rally) James Comstock '75 MKIII Commando
       BEST TRIUMPH (Ridden to the Rally) Christine Sutton '71 Tiger
       BEST ITALIAN (Ridden to the Rally)
                                 (Derrel Robertson Memorial)
Phil Grundy '80 Ducati GTS
       BEST GERMAN (Ridden to the Rally) Daniel Pace '76 BMW R75/6
                                                    The 24th Annual Lake O' the Pines Rallye Recap
                                                                       October 3, 4 & 5, 2008

The 24th Lake O’ the Pines Rally has taken its place in the NTNOA’s long line of successful and memorable October rallies. Perfect weather presided over a display of one hundred motorcycles in the People’s Choice bike show. Nearly sixty vintage bikes participated in the premier of the 28 mile “Rolling Concours”, sponsored by Phil Dansby’s Up ‘n Smoke Barbeque. Motorcycling icon Denis Manning was the Grand Marshal, entertaining all those present with stories and an insider’s perspective into the world of competing at Bonneville for the title of World’s Fastest Motorcycle. Of course there were the area’s terrific roads, perfect for relaxed motoring or, if the mood struck, a more spirited pace. It was a weekend of great people, remarkable motorcycles and lots of prizes and trophies. All in all, it’s going to be tough to top the 24th LOP.
Which is exactly what the Rally Committee intends to do next year.

<[Paul Valentine's Lake O' the Pines Rallye Photos]>

<[Chris Parry's Web Album of the Rallye]>

<[Dutch Photographic's Photos of the Rolling Concours]>

Rolling Concours

After the bike show on Saturday 60 vintage bikes took part in the Rolling Concours. This was the first year for this event.  It was open to all street legal motorcycles at least 30-years old. Entrants were required to complete a 28 mile road course to be eligible. A certification stop was setup half way through the ride where riders received a medallion certifying that they rode the course. A chase vehicle was positioned at the check point to pick up any non-finishers.  It was only needed once.  The eligible bikes were parked in an impound area for judging. There was no wiping or polishing allowed once in the impound area. We want to see rare bikes in riding condition, so bugs and dirt from the ride are considered a plus!  Only one bike failed to complete the course and rode the trailer back to the rallye site.  Better luck next year for the '63 Harley Sprint.  Another bike finished but needed to stop for roadside repairs prior to hwy 726.  The '76 Triumph Rickman C/R looked good even while temporarily parked for repairs.

 The judge for this event was our Grand Marshal Denis Manning, owner of the World’s Fastest Motorcycle until 9/26/08.

Up N Smoke was the Corporate Sponsor for this event.  Phil Dansby presented
the trophy along with $250 cash to the winner - Laura Keating for her 1975 BMW R90S.
  The sponsor wasn't having a stroke when the winner was announced, he was paralyzed with joy.

This year's Rallye Raffle Bike was a 1979 T140V Triumph Bonneville Special won by Bruce Davidson.  It's street legal and runs great.  The bike was purchased from Big D Cycle in January.  Bid D replaced the front brake master cylinder, fork seals and tuned the engine.  David Lyles did a fantastic job polishing the carbs, and engine cases.  Dave has a great website at http://seedavidlyles.com.  Jason Small, owner of Lonestar Vintage Motorcycle Restoration painted the gas tank and provided brand new side panels.  Mike Poteet donated the seat and spare parts.  The club purchased a new front fender and muffler.

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Lee Schultz (www.riderview.net) took photos at the LOP Rallye this year. He has photos of the Rallye for sale. The thumbnails and ordering instructions are located at www.riderview.net/NTNOA-08-NDX.pdf

Lee has also put together a free slide show for NTNOA members. The exe file is 47 megabytes.  It will take about a minute to download even with broadband.  Folks with dial-up may want to take a nap while it downloads. The slide show can be downloaded at www.riderview.net/rv-login.htm.  You will need the User Name which is NTNOA (all caps) and the Password which is 2008.

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