Our own Berwyn Henderson Races at the Springfield Illinois State Fair

August 19, 1962

Really, there is not a lot to tell, at least that I can remember.   I did qualify for the third heat, either third or forth from pole in that heat , so that would make my time around 12th or so.  I have no idea what my lap time was.   I do remember getting a bad start (near last off line) & catching the leaders when time ran out, so did not qualify for final.  As one can see from the program that several other riders that were AM that year, became quite well known in years to come.  Some have famous sons now making history.  I was considered old at the time for that activity, so I only did Class C dirt track & road racing in 1959-1964, with little activity in 64.  My comp. number was 80p as shown on program.


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