The NTNOA's August 2009 Club Meeting
was Sunday, 23 August at 2:00 PM
at Moto Liberty

11441 N. Stemmons Frwy.  Suite 201
Dallas, TX 75229

Many thanks again to Audrey for hosting our August meeting.  As before Audrey provided sandwiches and cold drinks for us to enjoy.  After the meeting she raffled off gift cards worth $25 and $50 along with a few motorcycle related items.

Clay called the very short meeting to order and announced that our Rallye Chairman, Dennis Tackett had a car accident on Friday.  Dennis is OK except the seat belt cracked his sternum in three places.  A car load of teenagers made an illegal left turn in front of him.  The good news is the girl driving the car admitted it was her fault and she has insurance.

Richard Asprey has volunteered to head-up cooking brats and hamburgers at the LOP rallye Saturday after the awards ceremony.  There will be about five BBQ grills manned by volunteers.

Keith Martin has confirmed that Sam Wheeler's Norton Streamliner will be at the Rallye this year along with Sam.

The next meeting is 20 September at Phil Dansby's residence.  It is the last day to renew memberships for $15.  On 21 September the dues go up to $25.

Randy Bauer hosted a get together at his house after the meeting.  He challenged the membership that they couldn't drink all his Shiner Bock.  Although there was a mighty effort he was proven correct.  Thanks Randy.  A good time was had by all.

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