Our February Club Meeting was Sunday, 23 Feb, 2003
at 2:00 PM at Moto Liberty
Specializing in Motorcycle Protective Gear
11441 N. Stemmons Fwy
Suite 209
Dallas, Texas 75229
TEL: (972) 243-5995
FAX: (972) 243-6878

Audrey and the folks at Moto Liberty spoiled us rotten once again with their gracious hospitality. As Advertised, this as a great opportunity to upgrade motorcycle apparel and accessories.  Audrey opened Moto Liberty just for us and our guests.  It is located on the access road on the west side of I-35E (Stemmons Freeway) just north of Royal Lane.

Audrey raffled a new pair of high end riding gloves that Moto Liberty helped develop.  Her only stipulation was that the winner write-up a review of their impression of the gloves.  Long time club member/supporter Russ Foster was the lucky winner.  His comprehensive review follows.

I was the lucky one to win the door prize of gloves from our generous host of last Sunday's meeting - Moto Liberty.  The following is a field test of these gloves.

First, I go a ways back regarding riding gloves.  Like many of the geezers in the club I started out using Army surplus leather glover with wool liners. For that time that was about as good and cheap as there was.  The biggest problem was that they were a little bulky for riding.  Over the years I have tried most including ski gloves -  they don't work well after 30 mph to some really warm, but again bulky gloves.

The N2 gloves appear to be a good compromise of warmth, protection, and flexibility.  They are all leather as any winter glove must be ( any plastic or breathable outer covering will let cold air in once you are moving ), have Thinsulate and something called Porvair which together seem to solve the problem of moisture.  This is usually what starts to make your hands cold. If you think it is not a problem try snow skiing for a day and observe how quickly your gloves become wet.  It appears the combination works because I felt no moisture after riding/fighting the wind and 45 degree temp after the meeting.

There are two adjustable velcro straps for the glove skirt and double stitching around all the seams.  This is a high quality glove for riding.  They are a bit pricey at $125 but considering the warmth and comfort are worth it.  If you are not one of the bourgeois BMW types with electric hand grips these should be worth it.

One other note, we should support the vendors that support us.  I have noticed Moto Liberty's prices are about the same as those you find on the web and you get to try it on and get the right fit. For a beer I will tell you a story on the problems I found about that road.

Russ Foster

=Moto Liberty
Note: the arrow should be on the west side of I-35E not east as it is shown.

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