February 2010 Club Meeting
Feb 21st

Many thanks to Richard Asprey for hosting our February club meeting.  Richard’s hospitality was truly awesome.  Richard provided an unlimited supply of refreshments including spicy meatballs, carrot sticks, celery and nuts along with cases of iced down Shiner Bock and Miller High Life.  Word has it that Tarrant County ran out of Shiner.

Due to the inclement morning weather members and guests started arriving early via cars and trucks.  However, as the day progressed the clouds disappeared, the sun came out, the temperature rose and members started arriving on two wheelers, Clay Walley being the first.  In spite of the morning weather this was one of our best attended club meetings ever.

Chris Parry started the meeting at 2PM after herding everyone outside.  Chris welcomed our guests and founding member Dave Howe who moved to Amarillo two years ago.  Dave was here with his friend Don Collins.  Don has a replica of the Harley-Davidson Sportster used in the movie Then Came BronsonThen Came Bronson was also a television series that aired on NBC from 1969 to 1970.  Michael Ber drove all the way from Pinehurst to attend.  He said once he found out Richard was hosting the meeting he had to be there.

Dennis Tackett reported on Ryan’s racing earlier in the day at Texas World Speedway.  Ryan was a half a lap ahead of the pack when on the last lap he ran out of gas.  Ryan’s crew chief was none other than Keith Martin.  Despite running out of gas Ryan finished fourth out of six.  Dennis passed around a jug for donations to support Ryan’s racing.  $238 was collected.  Dave Lyles won the 50/50 drawing and graciously donated his winnings to Ryan’s racing effort.

Chris asked for volunteers to help out with our raffle bike and sell tickets during the Rockers vs. Mods annual rally from 26 to 28 March.  On Saturday they plan an 11AM Ride from the Belmont to Big D Cycle for snacks and a Cafe Racer/Discovery Channel movie shoot.  Bring your Café to Big D if you want to be part of the movie shoot.  The club plans to show the raffle bike and sell tickets at The Dubliner on Sunday from 3PM on.

Chris announced that our next club meeting will be at Pappas Bar-B-Q on March 28 at 2PM.  There will be a club group ride after the meeting to The Dubliner to join the Rockers vs. Mods.  Future club meeting venues will include Ed Mabry’s race shop and the Old Bike Shop in Dallas just down the street from Rick Fairless’ Strokers Dallas.

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