The NTNOA's Second June Meeting
was Sunday, 26 June, at 2:00PM
at VP Dave Edinger's Estate.

Our second meeting in June was hosted by David Edinger, aka Johnny Cool - Factory Rider. As always David was the consummate host. The meeting was more like a big party of motorcycle enthusiasts than a regularly scheduled meeting. The collection of bikes in Dave's driveway and parked along the street was a prime example of 2-wheeled diversification. Just about every make and model was represented. Dave conveniently had the day's MotoGP race on his big screen although it looked much like a rerun with Valentino chasing down and then passing a herd of Hondas. Dave's refrigerators were stocked full of liquid refreshment and he had more to eat than you could find at Wendy's. Nobody left hungry or thirsty or if they did it wasn't Dave's fault. Many thanks to David for hosting such a wonderful party.

NTNOA President Clay Walley started the Executive Meeting at 1:00PM. The Lake O' the Pines Rally was the topic of discussion. Dennis Tackett, our Rally Chairman outlined the schedule of events to include for the first time in many years organized club rides around the lake on Saturday and a group ride to the Catfish restaurant on Friday night. There will also be "events" such as a slow speed race and a burn-out-pit along with the bike show on Saturday.

Clay then opened the regular meeting around 2:00PM. Expect to see a club newsletter - Exhaust Notes - in the near future. Scooter Jay, aka Jay McCurry has volunteered to be our newsletter editor. The club will make the newsletter available online for those with internet access as an Adobe Acrobat file. In addition to saving money the online version will have more content and color photos. You can send an article for the newsletter to Jay at Please make sure your email address the club has on file is up-to-date. You can check it by going to "members".  The short meeting was adjourned and everyone resumed partying.

Our next meeting is once again the last Sunday of the month - 31 July at Pappas Bar-B-Q.

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