Our March Meeting
was Sunday, 3 April at 2:00 PM at
the Victory of Arlington Dealership

Jim Moon, the owner and general manager of Victory of Arlington went out of his way to provide a great location for our monthly meeting.  He and his staff were there to answer any question we had about the Victory line of motorcycles.  Jim had an example of each model for us to ride including his personal ride, an "8 Ball" with a 100 inch motor which many of our members took for a test ride.  Jim even let Jay McCurry take it for a spin - just about literally.

Jack Herneupont rode his '50s Triumph single to the meeting.  Unfortunately, the engine started coming apart about the time he got there and the rear tire gave up the ghost and refused to hold air - not a good thing.  Jack made arrangements with Jim to leave the bike at the dealership and get another ride home.  Smart move.

The meeting was called to order about 20 minutes late by our President, Clay Walley due to last minute arrivals (those who forgot to set their clocks back for daylight savings - including Clay).  The attendance was light although the weather was just about perfect.

Clay reviewed the long list of upcoming events for the next month (see Site Map - Coming Events for a listing).

Clay asked for volunteers to organize and manage this years Lake O' the Pines Rallye.  Clay is also looking for members to step-up, volunteer and "set the tone" as it were - for the club.  David Edinger (Johnny Cool - factory rider) has volunteered to take over the Lake O' the Pines Bike Show duties.  David can use some help.  Contact him at deguzzi@comcast.net if you are willing to "step-up".

A big thanks to Jim Moon for hosting his month's meeting.  It was great!

Victory of Arlington
511 N Watson Rd
Arlington, TX 76011
Phone: 817-652-1400
Fax: 817-652-1430

From left to right, Dicky Hunter, Harold Hemphill, Huston Matlock, and owner Jim Moon

A couple of the classic bikes that showed up.

Clay Walley conducting the short meeting.

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