Our March Club Meeting was held in conjunction
with the Annual Spring Erection Party
Sunday, 25 March at Peckerhead Headquarters.

Photo taken by Paul Valentine

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More than 40 members and guests braved the threatening weather and rode to our March meeting and perhaps the final Spring Erection Party at Peckerhead Motorcycle Racing's Hq. (see below).

In spite of the ominous clouds and occasional sound of thunder we lucked out and enjoined a rain free and very pleasant afternoon.

Clay Walley called the meeting to order (or tried to) on time and reviewed the club's old business and upcoming events.  Dennis Tackett asked for volunteers to lead club rides to various events where our club has been invited to display our vintage bikes.  Anyone interested should contact Dennis at dennistackett@msn.com.  The next event is at the Fort Worth Boat Club Car & Bike Show - Saturday, 7 April.  Dennis will once again display our LOP raffle bike and sell raffle tickets at the show.

New members included Thomas Moore.  Tom rode up on his 1961 Triumph 650 Trophy that many initially thought was one of the new Triumphs.   The bike belonged to his dad who chopped it over the years.  Tom restored it to pristine condition and rode it to the meeting with his wife Jenni (see picture below).

Mike Vance and Berwyn Henderson rode their new rides, a '07 FJR1300 and '05 R1200RT respectively to the meeting.  Mike's ride only had 25 miles on the odometer.  Berwyn bought his new RT (he has two) in Tampa, FL and attended bike week at Daytona Beach before returning home.

Immediately after the meeting an employee of Captain Commando's Up N' Smoke Restaurant and Motorsports Bar arrived with plenty of BBQ for all to enjoy - which we did -paid for by the club.

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The Annual Spring Erection Party

The "First Annual Spring Erection Party" was held in April, 1977 to celebrate the "erection" of my garage/workshop at our "Little House in the Woods" in mainland Galveston County.

It was attended by many friends, mainly riders. Everyone had a great time, most got a snootful, it lasted all night, and the die was cast. The 2nd and 3rd were held there too.

The "Fourth (Now Sometimes) Annual Spring Erection Party" was delayed until April 1989 to celebrate the erection of my shop, here in Hooterville (aka Keller).

The Fifth followed the next year, but by now was officially known as "The Annual Spring Erection Party, NTNOA Meeting & Peckerhead National Rallye."

They continued on for the next several years, I'm not sure how many, but about 7, maybe 8, I guess.

Here are a few highlights & memories from those great times...

First, the driveway and half the yard covered with the Nortons, Beezers, Triumphs, Beemers and all the rest. There were few, if any, Jap bikes in the club in those earlier days! Now I think most of us have 2 or 3...

We used to have a group ride around the "Hills of Keller" to the north. I recall Betty leading the group in her little red MGA a few times, and trailing it a few times with such dignitaries in the car as Katie Wilson, Ruthie Hogue, Melba Flowers, Leslie Maynard and Victor Toogood. It was quite a sight...an old Brit car leading 30 or so old Brit bikes around a (then) tiny burg that had heretofore seen little more than Fords & the occasional Harley!

In 1993, the Spring Erection Party was held in November to celebrate my 50th birthday which was actually in June. Never did figure that one out...alcohol may have been involved. Peckerheadery at it's best...or worst! The "60 Year Old Bag Lady Stripper" was certainly the lowlight of *that* party!

Man, the spud guns...the collapsing lawn chairs...the driveway Lucas & Amal overhauls...the burgers & dogs burned to perfection & dropped in the dirt by "over-served" volunteers...the oil slicks that only our special bikes would leave...the fire-pit joke circles that lasted long into the beautiful, cool nights...my Doberman "Malcolm Smith" and his antics (ask Karl Brohan about being snapped in the ass!)...and all our friends, always the friends.

The last "Sometimes Annual Spring Erection Party, NTNOA Meeting & Peckerhead National" must have been about 1996 or '97. In thinking about that last one, it became obvious it was the best..the very best one of all. Why? Easy, the crowd included Jack Wilson, Jim Flowers, Jim Gabrielson, Les Ely, Kevin Edwards, Ernie "Big Ern" Maynard...and Dan Caranci. We'll be thinking of and toasting you all this Sunday, boys!

Sadly, as many things do, the Erection Parties somehow just faded away after that.

I was very pleased when Clay Wally asked if Betty & I would host the "Last Annual Spring Erection Party, NTNOA Meeting & Peckerhead National" before we move to Timbercreek Canyon, south of Amarillo later this year. But I don't like that word "Last". So...here's a challenge for the NTNOA and the Peckerheads...keep it going boys, keep it going! There's too much tradition, too many good times, too many good friends to give up now.

I'm sure I will be having the Timbercreek Canyon version in the future and you are all welcome, but the *real* "Spring Erection Party" now belongs here in North Texas.

The rest is up to you guys...thanks for letting me have a few turns at bat!

Dave Howe

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