Membership Benefits

North Texas Norton Owners Association is pleased to announce the following Benefits have been added to your membership:

*        Free Christmas Dinner for you and your spouse or like Clay, your case significant other.

*      Discount for Wednesday Nights @ Amsterdam

*      Minimum 10% Discount @ Grapevine Kawasaki Polaris Contact:

o   Dennis Wagner or Bonnie Wagner or Steven Freeman (817) 481-2500

*      10% Discount @ Moto Liberty Contact:

o   Audrey Menarik (972) 243-5995

*      10% Discount @ RPM Cycle Contact:

o   Boris Loera - (972) 620-3883

*      10% Discount @ Stadium Yamaha Contact:

o   Jason Harshman (972) 445-0825

*      Hangout at Big D Cycle Saturday Afternoons

NTNOA Membership Patch

Membership patches will be handed out at most club monthly meetings.

Eligible members will receive a patch corresponding with the number of years of membership in five year increments.  There are patches for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of membership.  Each eligible member will receive one patch.  Additional patches are available for $10 each.  Members with less than 5 years will receive an NTNOA sticker.


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