The NTNOA November Club Meeting
was Sunday, Nov. 27th, at 2:00pm
at Scooter Jay's, aka Jay McCurry's shop.

Our November meeting was hosted by Jay McCurry at his Shop on Weaver St. in Haltom City.  It is just two blocks south of Ed Mabry's shop so many came early and stopped by to say hi to Ed and see what new race bikes he's working on for Bonneville next year.

The weather in spite of the wind was fantastic especially for the end of November with temperatures in the mid to high 70's.  As a result, there was a much better than average turn-out with all but one or two members riding their two wheeled vehicles to the meeting.

Clay Walley started the meeting off with introductions of guests and new members.  Clay mentioned the upcoming Holiday Diner Party at Sherlock's British Pub in Addison on Saturday, 17 December.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity to mingle and enjoy the camaraderie.

As per our by-laws (see below), Clay opened the floor for nominations for our club officers - President, Vice President and Treasurer.  As in the past five years there were no takers.  However, the current officers have volunteered to continue on for another year.  Our other club positions, Newsletter Editor (Jay McCurry), Rallye Chairman (Dennis Tackett), and Webmaster (George Tuttle) will also remain the same and continue for another year.

Laura Keating announced she negotiated a deal with Tony Lewis to upgrade from her 750cc Ducati Monster to a new Ducati S4R - the real super Monster!  Pictures will be on our "Members' New Ride" page shortly.

It was also announced that there is a fully tricked out '02 Golden Jubilee for sale that would make a perfect Christmas present for someone looking to buy a modern reliable ride that has the heritage and soul in the classic British tradition.

The meeting was adjourned and everyone took advantage of the libations provided by Jay.

9. Officers of NTNOA shall be:
     President - The president shall preside at all organization meetings and shall have overall responsibility for the affairs of the organization.
     Vice President - The Vice President shall assist the president in carrying out his responsibilities and shall preside over club meetings in the absence of the president.
     Treasurer - The treasurer shall be responsible for recording and safe keeping of organization funds. The treasurer shall also prepare financial reports of organization operations as required. The treasurer shall maintain a roster of organization members and will be responsible for dues notification.

10. Appointed or voluntary posts:
     Rallye Chairman, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster
     Other committees or individuals as necessary.

11. Terms of office shall normally be one year. Officers may hold the same office for more than one year if elected by a majority of the membership. Nominating and voting of officers will happen each November at the scheduled meeting and the positions will come into effect on January 1 of the following year.

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