Our November Club Meeting was Sunday, 26 November
at 2:00 PM at Pappas Bar-B-Q.

About twenty five members showed up for our November meeting. With such nice weather most members rode their vintage bikes. Evidently there was also a vintage car club meeting there as well displaying their beautiful classic cars.

Our president, Clay Walley called the meeting to order at the prescribed time. Old business included a discussion of last weeks International Motorcycle Show. Our display this year emphasized the Triumph marque. A new large banner with the club's name and logo was purchased for the Show because we couldn't find our old one. Clay asked if anyone knew where it might be. It was believed last seen at the 2005 Lake of the Pines rally.

New business included approval to purchase this year's raffle bike from Dean Baker for $1,000. Dean bought it from Sam Wheeler, owner of the winning raffle ticket for $1,000 when it became obvious Sam and his wife Carol were at a loss on how to get it back to California. The club will raffle it again at next year's rally in a much improved state. The club also approved another $1,000 for parts. Dean has already put a lot of time into improving the bike's appearance and rideability. Dean negotiated a tentative deal with Jason to paint the gas tank and side panels for free advertising in our newsletter. When complete the bike will have new fenders, painted gas tank and side panels, new tires, new exhaust header with new peashooter mufflers, polished timing and primary covers, and if there's enough money left over, new Amal Concentric carburetors.

The club also approved the expenditure of $200 for door prizes from Tony Lewis (Euro Sport Cycle) and Keith Martin (RPM Cycle) for the upcoming Christmas diner party at Up N' Smoke.

The meeting was adjourned and everyone ventured out into the parking lot to view the vintage bikes and cars.

Hope to see everyone Sunday, 10 December at the club's annual Christmas party.

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