The NTNOA October Meeting
was Saturday, Oct. 29th, at 2:00pm
at McClain’s RV

Our October meeting was once again held at the McClain's RV SuperStore.  Shanon Tackett provided refreshments in the form of all the pizza you could eat.  Shanon also gave tours of one of McClain's more luxurious toy-box fifth wheels.  Johnny Cool Factory Rider is now in the market for a F-250 Super Duty pickup with a 6.0L Power Stroke® turbo diesel to pull it with.

Clay Walley started the meeting with a review of old business.  Bill Keating gave us the treasurer's report and the final numbers for this year's rally.  After expenses the rally made about $2K.  The club is in better financial shape than this time last year.  George Tuttle was tasked with finding a used enclosed 10' x 6' x 6' trailer for the club to store its tables, chairs, popups, PA system, etc.  He found one close to where Bill Keating lives so Bill will take a look and see if its a good deal and meets our club needs.

We still have about 45 t-shirts left over from the rally.  Bob Speer has volunteered to bring them to the International Motorcycle Show in Ft. Worth.  Since we probably aren't allowed to sell anything at the show, we will offer a free shirt for a $10 donation.  David Edinger suggested that next year's rally t-shirts not have a date on them so they can be sold at a later time and not be outdated.

The club will have a 10' x 60' booth at the International Motorcycle Show.  Right now we have 10 bikes in the show but still need more volunteers for Friday night.

Our November meeting will be at Jay McCurry's Shop on Weaver St. in Haltom City.  It is just two blocks south of Ed Mabry's shop.

The meeting was adjourned and the modern bike ride scheduled for after the meeting was cancelled for lack of interest.

Click here for map & directions to McClain's RV Superstore.

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