Ride for the Cure February 25 - 26, 2012

Three members (Russ Foster, LeRoy Greene & Kent Cartwrite) braved the cold and rode into Indian Territory but unfortunately found HIV (hair is vanishing) is rampant up there. Some of the high (or low) points were as follows:

* Checked out Cheaper than Dirt. Dirt must be fairly expensive because the cheapest gun was $400.
* Inspected Ft Washita and 12lb Napoleon which was in good shape. LeRoy Greene and Kent Cartwrite were drafted at gun point to reup. Their mission was to find Rebel Confederates like member Jake Hendricks. Pvt Foster was not in the picture because he was on KP.
* Found one lane bridge across Red River at Carpenter’s Bluff. Careful, drive off center and bike is in river.
* Mandatory Spam meal was omelet with Rotel.
* 32 degree wind chill qualified run. Wind and Sun was too high for jump at Whitewrite.

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