RIDE, CAMP, DRINK FOR THE CURE - Male pattern baldness
by Russ Foster

Once again 3 (4 flaked out) NTNOA members struck out February 20th, 2010 to try and cure, bring attention to this malady that is growing amongst our members - male pattern baldness.  Members LeRoy " mean green" Green, Kent " Ming the merciless" Cartwright and Russ Foster rode the unholy alliance of BMW R80, Harley Softtail , and Honda Pacific Coast from Dallas to Mineral Wells Lake State Park camped, and then to the Ft. Worth Long John run on Sunday.

There were some excellent twisty roads from Glen Rose north to Palo Pinto via 205 -51 -4. Highly recommended.  Of course we are not biker trash so the educational requirement consisted of touring a goat farm.  Bottom line: we would not make good goat farmers.  An excellent restaurant was found in Bluff Dale called Let's Eat.  It looks like a shack on the outside but the full-figured waitress makes up for that. We nominated her NTNOA waitress for Feb.

There was allot of the new style sand still on the road from last weekend. This stuff is actually small ground rock and can really be slippery.  The small towns have left it on the roads unlike Dallas.

While it did not get to the mandatory freezing point it did rain. The Long John Run did not have many riders because of this. All and all a good run and the many fair weather riders missed a good one. We are going again next Feb.

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