The NTNOA's 2008 September Club Meeting

Photos of the meeting taken by Paul Valentine.

The September meeting was once again held at the residence of Captain Commando, aka Phil Dansby, owner of Up N' Smoke BBQ House.  Up N' Smoke is the proud sponsor of this year's Rolling Concours at the Lake O' the Pines (LOP) Rallye.  Phil's hospitality was indicative of someone who has been in the hospitality business for a long while.  There were sandwiches and liquid refreshment for all to enjoy.  Nobody went hungry or thirsty.

Since our annual dues are due in August Mike Vance, the club's Treasurer was busy all afternoon taking membership renewals and pre-registrations for the Rallye.  If you haven't renewed please do so as our membership list has been updated and you'll miss out on getting the newsletter and announcements of up coming events.  Plus the club needs the money.

Clay called the meeting to order and introduced the club's new members and guests.  Ray Brockie, a former racer for both Jack Wilson and Doc Storm was introduced along with a brief summary of his racing days (see Ray's message below).  Also new member Allen Solomon rode up on his beautiful 1953 AJS 18CS.

Allen's AJS.  Click on photo to enlarge.

Dennis Tackett reported on Ryan Ambrose's success in securing the number one plate in the AHRMA 750 Sportsman series.  As a result of Ryan's two first place finishes at the Sandia Classic in Albuquerque, NM  last weekend he has mathematically won the Championship.  The AHRMA officials also awarded Ryan the "Best Hair" award.  (Click on photo below and you'll see why)

Ryan Ambrose with his race bike and trophies.

Dennis Tackett and Dean Baker once again asked for volunteers to help with the Rallye.  If you see work that needs to be done don't hesitate to step-in and give a hand.

George Tuttle announced that the promoters of the International Motorcycle Show would like the NTNOA to participate again this year.  The show is 14-16 November at the Dallas Convention Center.  George asked for a show of hands of those who would be interested in showing their vintage or custom bike(s) and/or help with manning the display during the show.  It was evident that there was sufficient interest to accept their offer.  The NTNOA will have a 60' display area.  The central theme will be Brit Cafe style bikes but other member's bikes will be in the show.

Members New Rides:  Richard Asprey announced that as a direct result of being rightfully humiliated riding his Harley (the one in the background) to the recent Brit Bike Burnup that he purchased a '77 BMW R100RS.  He should take delivery prior to LOP.  Dennis Tackett announced that after 13 years being without a classic Brit bike he bought the '77 Triumph T-140 Bonneville from Big D Cycle.  Dennis plans on taking it to LOP.

The meeting was closed but the party continued.

Ray Brockie emailed the club the following email:

To Clay and all NTNOA members,

I must say the LOP Rallye has always been one of my favorites. I enjoy the beautiful setting as well as the great bunch of caring and knowledgeable enthusiasts. Certainly the scope of the Mid-Ohio event is larger but there is much more to a truly great rally and the Texas style and hospitality of the LOP makes it tops with me.

I suppose I appreciate the bikes the most though and the fact that so many people return year after year with new projects keeps the interest of all at a high level. It is always great to see old friends and make new ones.

I suppose I've rambled too long and will get to the real point.

I would like to get involved. I have a couple "door prizes" I will donate when I arrive but want to do more. I am not sure if you guys allow cash prizes but I would like to offer some if the NTNOA approves. While not overwhelming, maybe they can be considered "Gas Money".

$30 to each; Class #24 the Rolling Concours, Long Dist. Rider, Oldest Rider, Youngest Rider, Best Norton Ridden, Best Triumph Ridden, Best Italian and Best German Ridden. Total for theses classes = $240

I chose these classes as they represent "riders" and can probably put the gas money to use.

Ray Brockie

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