April 22-23, 2005

It was time for another Spring Hill Country Ride.  It had been over 10 years since the last one.

Rooms were booked at the "River Inn Resort" in Hunt, Texas for April 22nd & 23rd, 2005.  The event was for all members of the NTNOA and included a two day ride through the Texas Hill Country.  The ride on Saturday included nine "Vintage Motorcycles".

Weather was just about perfect for the entire three days.  There was a vintage bike ride to the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum both Friday and Saturday.  The Museum specializes in classic Brit Bikes.  Alan Johncock, the owner and curator gave us a guided tour of his collection.

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Members present at Capt. Commando's Invitational Spring Hill Country Ride.
Left to right: Bob Cox, George Tuttle, Dave Howe, Dave Edinger, Berwyn Henderson,
Phil Dansby (aka Capt Commando), Clay Walley, Mike Poteet, Jim French, Eddie Poteet.

Once upon a time in the West...

They kicked hard to start them, then limped to the right,
they drank lots of beer and did it all night.
The bikes were old, the riders were too,
but the boys rode hard, just like they were new.

They ripped and they roared and they leaked and they farted,
then uncovered the bikes and got them all started.
The weather was cool, the sky was blue,
and down the road the old clunkers flew!

Nortons and Triumphs and Beezers galore,
A Guzzi, a Sporty, a Beemer and more.
A single, some twins, a triple and trucks,
beer bellies, old bones, bald heads and some yuks.

Walley's red Spitfire became a big single
and man, was he was pissed since he could no longer mingle.
A fast bike no more and all broken hearted,
but, just a plug wire flew off and the Beezer re-started.

Dansby, Tuttle and Cox with grins on their faces,
the Poteets and Berwyn, like a deck with 3 aces.
French still has some "fettling" to do,
Donna was ready to ride...cook fajitas too!

Everyone behaved, save Edinger and Howe,
They decided to race and they did it right now!
The Guzzi was quick and the Norton was fast,
and Dave kicked Dave, right in the ass!

Now age takes it's toll on man and machine,
but we restore old bikes, again and again.
Not so at all is the case with the boys,
Who always are young while riding their toys...

Dave Howe

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Nortons resting after the Saturday ride.

Riders resting after the Saturday ride.

Jim French fixing a loose float bowl while Clay Walley puts back a spark plug wire on his Spitfire.

A short rest stop in Tarpley, TX

More resting.

Our New VP in his usual 'rare' form.

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