2007 Spring Hill Country Ride

April 20-22, Friday thru Sunday, 2007

Once again it was time for another Invitational Spring Hill Country Ride especially since the last two years were so successful.

Rooms were booked at the "River Inn Resort" in Hunt, Texas.  The event included rides through the Texas Hill Country on Friday and Saturday.  The ride on Saturday to the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum included some of our "Vintage Motorcycles" piloted by Mike Poteet (T-140 Bonneville), Ben Phillips (Norton Commando), Bob Cox (Norton Commando), J.J. Dobbs (Norton Commando), Mike Vance (T-140 Bonneville) and his guest Rob Shriner (BMW /6).

Also staying at the River Inn Resort Saturday night were members and their vintage automobiles of the Classic Car Club of Kerrville and Fredericksburg (see photos below).

The Lone Star Motorcycle Museum is about 30 miles from the River Inn Resort.  Alan Johncock, the owner and curator specializes and still races vintage Brit Bikes and is a supporter of the club.

Five road warriors, Dennis Tackett, Clay Walley, Mike Vance, Bob Hagemann and George Tuttle started the Hill Country Ride on Wednesday. They stayed in Llano at the Hill Country Suites on Wednesday night after a short ride to Luckenbach and "Knot in the Loop" for refreshments. They rode to Rocksprings on Thursday then on to Hunt Friday. After only the first day of riding two of the three FJR1300's needed rear tires. A decision was made Thursday morning to stop off at Destination CycleSports in Kerrville for new rubber.

After Dennis dropped off his trailer at the River Inn Resort on Thursday the group then rode 334 to Brackettville and then 674 to Rocksprings. Enroute to Brackettville the group while allowing their "dogs to eat" passed a Border Patrol SUV. Then while about 5 miles north of Brackettville Dennis' radar detector sounded a constant and disturbing alarm. Although miles from anywhere and on an open country road the speed limit was a restrictive 55 mph. The group slowed due to the alarm but saw nothing for a mile or so until after cresting a hill when there was a Sheriff's patrol car on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. The look on the Sheriff's face as all five passed doing exactly 55 mph was priceless. Thanks much Dennis!

The group stayed at the Rocksprings Hotel which is over 100 years old and reported to be haunted.  They were the only guests Thursday night and the hotel manager provided a cooler of cold beer and rags to wipe the bugs off the bikes.  Friday saw another day of  riding covering more of the great Texas Hill Country roads.

The weather was just about perfect with cool and overcast skies in the morning, warming with clear skies as the day progressed.  The only precipitation was light rain Sunday morning making the ride home less than ideal.

The rain ended and the roads became dry during our ride home on hwy 16 between Fredericksburg and Llano.  Unfortunately, there were over a hundred Harley's that insisted on riding their parade at 45 mph on a 70 mph stretch of hwy 16.  Once north of Fredericksburg however they were quickly dispatched and never seen again.

The members present this year were Phil Dansby, J.J. Dobbs and his wife, Bob Cox, Jim French, Ben Phillips, Bob Hagemann, Eddie Poteet, Mike Poteet, Dennis Tackett, George Tuttle, Mike Vance and his guest Rob and Sue Shriner and of course our president Clay Walley.

Pictures courtesy of Mike Poteet and Dennis Tackett.  Click on image to enlarge.

     Photos taken at the River Inn Resort.



The Guadalupe River from the patio of the River Inn Resort.

Mike Poteet's '79 Triumph Bonneville after an unknown Lucas problem.

Photos taken at the Lone Star Museum


A rest stop on 336.


Photos of the Vintage Cars at the River Inn Resort



See you next year!

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