NTNOA's '02 Lake O' the Pines
"The Men of Twins" Rallye

Bruce Davidson - Rallye Chairman

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More and more enthusiasts show up early to enjoy the beautiful scenery, camaraderie and roads around the lake.  This year more than twenty such enthusiasts spent Wednesday night camping out under the stars at Big Cypress Marina.

The weather this year was the best seen for the rallye in a decade.  A little rain on and off Friday morning but Saturday and Sunday were sunny with clear skies, warm but not too hot.  We were very lucky.

This year's rallye honored "The Men of Twins".   The rallye T-shirt graphic was once again designed by our own Bob Cox.  It features three prominent figures linked to the success of the British vertical twin..

Engines are from left to right, BSA A10, Norton 500 Twin (Dommie), Triumph Speed Twin. 

Thanks go to Joe Edwards for filling in literally at the last minute for our usual Master of Ceremony Daryl Bane.  Joe did a superb job and didn't miss a beat.  Has anyone seen Daryl yet?

Once again Bob Speer did a fantastic job selling Rallye & Club T-shirts, pins and hats.  Thanks also go to Phil Dansby for coming up with Trophies and to Dean Baker for laying out our bike show area.  Thanks to Pistol for the bike show documentation and to Jeannie Henderson and Marlene
Gabrielson for organizing the ballot counting teams.  A big thanks go to Dicky Hunter for handling all the AMA insurance chores.  Thanks also go to Clay Walley and Randal Bird for rounding up door prizes.  Ray Donaldson, our Cub Treasurer did a super job managing the complex registration process.

Last but not least, perhaps the biggest thanks should go to our Rallye Chairman - Bruce Davidson, who worked his butt off many weeks before and during the Rallye.  Without his effort this year's Rallye could not have taken place or been the success it was.  Thanks Bruce!

To all those who made the pilgrimage - thanks for making this year's rallye one of our best.

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'02 Bike Show Results





1 NORTON (pre-Commando) 1st. David Edinger '47 Model 18
1st. Jeff Danley
2nd. Mike Selvey
'73 Roadster
'72 Interstate
1st. Doug Fox
2nd. Bob Cox
'75 John Player
'73 Roadster
4 TRIUMPH (Pre-Unit) 1st. Dean Baker '56 T-110 Tiger
5 TRIUMPH ( 1963 - 1970) 1st. Stewart Garrison
2nd. Bob Hagemann
'66 T-120 R
'70 Bonneville
6 TRIUMPH (1971 - 1983) 1st. Berwyn Henderson
2nd. Randy Baues
3rd. Andrew Christie
'81 Bonneville
'71 Bonneville
'71 Tiger
7 TRIUMPH (Modern) 1st. David Arnold
2nd. Frances Longorra
'00 Thunderbird Sport
'02 America
8 BSA (Vintage 1963 & Older) 1st. David Edinger '43 M20
9 BSA (1964 & Later) 1st. Gerald Jessup
2nd. Mike Selvey
'71 B50
'66 Hornet
10 GERMAN (Vintage 1969 & Older) 1st. Ray Donaldson '66 R60/2
11 GERMAN (Classic 1970 - 1993) 1st. Kevin Wilfong
2nd. Jay Pope
'75 R75/6
'72 BMW
12 GERMAN (Modern 1994 & Later 1st. Dave Howe '02 R1150R
13 ITALIAN (Classic 1989 & Older) 1st. Harold Johnson
2nd. Richard Bates
'74 Ducati SS
Ducati Cadet
14 ITALIAN (Modern 1990 & Later) 1st. Steve Rangeloff
2nd. Jamie King
'91 Ducati 
'96 900 SP
15 COMPETITION 1st. Gerald Jessup '57 Gold Star
16 SINGLES (British & European) 1st. Mike Scott
2nd. Perry Bushong
'39 Ariel Red Hunter
Royal Enfield
17 SIDECAR (British & European) 1st. Mike Thomson '34 BSA Blue Star
18 OTHER BRITISH & EUROPEAN 1st. Laurent '49 HRD Vincent
19 ANTIQUE AMERICAN 1st. Mike Thomson '65 H-D Panhead
20 PACIFIC RIM Jason Small '74 Suzuki T500
21 CAFE & MODIFIED STREET 1st. Carl Bleir
2nd. Larry Freeman
60 Triumph Bonneville
'67 Triumph Tiger
22 CONCOURS 1st. Tim Crain
2nd. Phil Dansby
'68  Norton Commando
'79 Ducati 900 SS
23 PEOPLES CHOICE Mike Thomson '34 BSA Blue Star

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This years heroes:

Rally Chairman – Bruce Davidson
Registration – Bruce Davidson
MC – Joe Edwards
Asst. MC – Victor Toogood
Trophies and pins – Phil Dansby
AMA Insurance - Ray Donaldson
Security – Dicky Hunter
Bike Show – Dean Baker & George Tuttle
Signs, Rallye & Club T- shirt and Hat sells – Bob Speer
Door prizes – Clay Walley, Randal Bird
Rally Packs – Dicky Hunter
Neat Bike Awards – Jay McCurry
Rally Shirt Design – Bob Cox
Pin Design – Bob Kizer


Merry Bushong at BMW of FT Worth
Audry at Moto Liberty
Keith Martin at RPM Cycle
Jimmy at Stoval Cycles
Junior at Cycle Imports
Rob at North Dallas BMW
Sheela at the British Emporium in Grapevine
Bob Kizer for the rallye pins.

The following individuals are wanted by the Marion County Sheriff's Office for questioning.
Any information as to the whereabouts of these two individuals should be kept secret.

See You Next Year!

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