Cycle World's International Motorcycle Show

The NTNOA was invited back to participate in the International Motorcycle Show at the Fort Worth Convention Center, Friday thru Sunday, 9 - 11 November.

Many thanks to our members who volunteered to man our booth during the show.  They included:
Laura Keating
Bill Keating
Paul Valentine
Dicky Hunter
Berwyn Henderson
Konrad Schilder
Pete Bauer
Steve Ledbetter
Clay Walley
Mike Williams
Darrell Leverington
Mason Leverington
Randy Johnson
Dennis Tackett
Randy Johnson
Mike Vance
Ben D'Avanza
George Tuttle

A Special thanks to Bob Cox for making the signs that were in front of our bikes and the bikes of Mabry Racing.

This year we emphasized the Norton marque and Bonneville Salt Flat racers of North Texas.  Our display included Randy Johnson's Combat Commando that raced this year during Speed Week in the stock 750cc pushrod class and two record setting Triumph powered racers.  We had six Norton's in the show of all different colors.

The Bikes in this year's show were:

Bob Cox's Featherlastic and Norton 1973 Commando 850 Roadster
Clay Walley's 1966 BSA Spitfire
Keith Martin's #607 650cc Bonneville Racer and #728B 750cc methanol fueled Bonneville Racer
Jim French's 1974 Norton Interstate Commando
Mike Vance's 1946 Indian Chief and 1978 Triumph Bonneville
Randy Johnson's 1972 Norton Combat Commando Bonneville Racer
Ben Phillips' 1974 Norton 850 Commando Roadster Custom
Dave Bradford's Triumph Cafe Racer
George Tuttle's 1975 Norton Commando

<[Paul Valentine's Photos of the 2007 International Motorcycle Show]>

Photos taken Saturday at our display.

That's Steve Ledbetter checking out Ed Mabry's bikes across from us.

That's Clay Walley in the background trying to wake-up Saturday morning.

Commandos (front to back) of George Tuttle, Jim French, Ben Phillips, Bob Cox and Randy Johnson.

Ed Mabry's display of his Bonneville Racers of Mabry Racing.

Keith Martin's record setting Bonneville Racers - Number 728 and 607.

Photos taken Sunday.

Mike Vance and Dennis Tackett

That's Mike Vance's '46 Indian Chief in the foreground and his red '78 T-140 in the background.

Clay Walley's '66 BSA Spitfire

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