28th Annual Lake O' the Pines Rallye
Thursday, 4 October to Sunday, 7 October, 2012

Richard Asprey, Rallye Chairman
Grand Marshal - T.C. Christenson
- Creator and rider of the “Hogslayer”

Photo courtesy of Daniel Peirce - Lord of Light, Master of the Pixel.  Click on photo to enlarge.
Alton Gillespie making a painting of the Three Engine Hog Slayer at the Lake O' the Pines Rallye.

2012 LOTP recap by Daniel Peirce

Some folks go to the Lake O' The Pines Rallye for riding and the thrill, I go for relaxing and to chill. At the 2012 rally I refined relaxing and chilling to a fine art. This is my recap of the rally... at least as much as I can remember.

I arrived early afternoon on Thursday. Weather was ideal with warm breezes and a clear sunny sky. I positioned the ice chest for easy access and set up camp. At the top of the hill Alton Gillespie was beginning the set-up for his painting of the Hogslayer 3. I spent some time there making inane suggestions for Alton's artwork. Artist's really like suggestions.

Grand Marshal, TC Christenson, was talking to admirers about the Hogslayer 3. The three engine nitro burning Norton dragster is an impressive creation. Unfortunately the power to weight ratio left it slower that the two engine version and it never raced in competition. Still, it is an impressive beast to behold. I wandered around the campgrounds the rest of the afternoon and evening just relaxing and trying to annoy as many folks as possible.

Friday morning was still warm and breezy but small clouds were beginning to roll in ahead of a cold front. Reid Schulze, Mike Mediterraneo and I decided to do a breakfast run into Jefferson. We discovered to our dismay that Annie Skinner's doesn't serve breakfast on the weekdays. We were also out of luck with a restaurant I knew of on the highway. We finally managed to get breakfast after we rode back to the lake and found the Brushy Creek Cafe. So ended my only ride of the rally.

I committed myself to relaxing and chilling for the rest of the day. At one point I lent a feeble hand to setting up some of the 3,026 tiki torches Richard wanted planted. Party-central doesn't set itself up. The weather continued to be warm as more clouds were gathering from the west. Most of the day I just took pictures and annoyed people. A good day.

As the weatherman predicted, a cold front pushed through during the night. Saturday morning was cold (at least by Texas standards), cloudy and with a heavy mist in the air. Regardless, people began to get their bikes ready for the bike show. The heavy mist wasn't an ideal environment to show bikes in, but at least it wasn't raining. I always try to look at the bright side.

For the bike show the only class my 1988 BMW K75s would qualify for was the modern category. An hour after show registration opened there was only one bike in the modern class. Impulsively I entered my bike hoping for a default second place trophy. Unfortunately, by time registration was over, there were seven bikes in the modern class and my meager K75 was merely an also-ran.

But the bike show is still my favorite part of the rally. The diversity and quality of the machines in this show is always one of the best in Texas. Show stand-outs, at least in my opinion, included a 1924 Beardmore Precision, Phil Dansby's resurrected 1973 Commando, a 1972 H-D Sprint flat tracker, and a 1961 Lambretta 22. However, the belle of the ball was the People's Choice winner; a 1936 Brough Superior sidecar rig, beautifully restored by Stewart Garrison. Stewart suggested not trying to get into the sidecar. It was designed for small people.

By the time of the awards ceremony the weather had moderated. Still chilly, but the dampness had abetted. During the awards the 25 year NTNOA club members were recognized: Joe Edwards, Phil Dansby, Dave Howe, David Popovich, Doug Fox, Richard Cross, Paul Valentine, Russell Foster.  And even though Joe Edwards couldn't make it this year, he was well represented by a photo of him appropriately propped in a chair. After the awards I lent a feeble hand to helping set up the serving area for the meal. I volunteered with good intentions but I was mostly just in the way. I was pretty relaxed by this time.

After dinner the documentary movie, "Hogslayer" was presented on a screen at the top of the hill. TC was there to answer questions and give everyone a chance to take home their own copy of the movie. It's a good documentary, and it even shows one of my photographs in it... for 2.5 seconds. Oh well, they spelled my name right in the credits.

To top off the night I was summoned to a bonfire around which about 30 people were seated listening to a band energetically playing music. To me, relaxed as I was, it was delightfully primitive. Folks sitting around a large blazing fire, listening to music - it has to one of mankind's oldest pastimes. It was glorious. I hope it becomes a rally tradition.

Sunday morning was still cool and cloudy and many of the rally-goers had already pulled out. The Rolling Concourse had fewer riders than the previous year. Likely because of the weather. I was ready to head home but I stayed during the Rolling Concourse to photograph each participant as they returned.

Once again Chairman Richard Asprey and the club's officers pulled off another memorable rally. My relaxing and chilling time was over. Frankly, I'm not sure my body can sustain three days of constant relaxation like it used to. But I'm pretty sure I'll recover by the time the next Lake O' The Pines Rallye rolls around.

2012 Lake O' the Pines Bike Show Winners
Click here for Chris Parry's photos of the winners
Click here to play a slide show of the winners.

Mike Mediterraneo's Rolling Concours Photos

# Class Description Winner(s) Year/Make/Model of Bike
1 NORTON (Pre-Commando) 1st Richard Asprey 1946 Norton 16H
1st Phil Dansby
2nd Bob Cox
3rd Richard Asprey
1973 Commando
1973 MK2 -E Commando
1974 Commando
3 TRIUMPH (1970 & Older)
1st John Sparks
2nd Mike Thomson
1969 250 Trophy
1970 Tiger TR6
4 TRIUMPH (1971 - 1987)
1st Berwyn Henderson
2nd Dennis Tackett
1972 T100R
1977 Bonneville T140
5 British Modern (1988 & Newer)
1st Doug Fox
2nd Ernest Shick
3rd Bill Beardslee
1997 Triumph T-595
2007 Speed Triple
2006 Rocket III
1st Philip Coe
2nd Jim DeBlois
1960 BSA RYS Replica
1958 BSA Goldstar
7 GERMAN (1969 & Older) 1st Louther Alexander 1966 BMW R50
8 GERMAN (1970 - 1987)
1st John Bonewitz
2nd Bruce Davidson
3rd Bobby Pickard
1973 BMW R75/5
1980 BMW R80 CS
1975 BMW R75-15
9 ITALIAN ( 1987 & Older) 1st Shirley Willis
2nd Anthony Armstrong
1967 Ducati 250 Scramber
1961 Lambretta 22
10 ANTIQUE (1960 & Older) 1st Vincenzo Murphy 1924 Beardmore Precision
11 COMPETITION (Ed Mabry Award) 1st Dan Dzivi 1972 Harley-Davidson 350
12 SIDECAR (British & European) 1st Mike Thomson 1934 BSA Blue Star
13 OTHER BRITISH & EUROPEAN (1987 & Older)
1st Patrick Henry
2nd John Bushong
1968 Royal Enfield 750
1973 JAWA 350
14 PACIFIC RIM (1987 & Older)
1st Frank Templeton
2nd Robb Green
1983 Yamaha DT-1C 250
1975 Honda CB550F
15 AMERICAN (1987 & Older) 1st Michael Brown 1956 Harley-Davidson KHK
16 MODERN (1988 on)
1st Bob Verner
2nd Mike Mediterraneo
3rd James DeBlois
2008 Ducati Desmosedici
2007 Ducati Monster S4RS
2012 Aprilla Tuono RSV4
(Caféd / Chopped / Bobbed / Special)
1st Jay Moore
2nd Randy Bauer
Sonic Weld Triumph
1967 Suzuki X6 Husler
18 CONCOURS (Jack Wilson Memorial) 1st Stewart Garrison 1936 Brough Superior
19 PIT BIKE / MINI BIKE (250cc or less / any year) 1st Phil Dansby 1967 Triumph Cub
20 PEOPLES CHOICE 1st Stewart Garrison 1936 Brough Sidecar

1st Jay Moore
2nd Berwyn Henderson
3rd John Bonewitz
HM Michael Brown
HM Chris Parry
Sonic Weld Triumph
1972 Triumph T-100R
1973 BMW R75/5
1956 Harley-Davidson KHK
1979 Triumph Bonneville
(Jim Flowers & Charles Busbee Memorial)
Ernest Schick Triumph Bonneville SE
  YOUNGEST RIDER (Jim Gabrielson Memorial) Jason Beardslee 2007 Triumph Speed Triple
  LONGEST DISTANCE Ridden to the Rallye
(Kevin Edwards Memorial)
Jock Adams  
  BEST NORTON - Ridden to the Rally James Comstock 1975 Norton Commando
  BEST TRIUMPH - Ridden to the Rally Jordan Beardslee 1998 Triumph Daytona TS85
  BEST ITALIAN - Ridden to the Rally
(Derrel Robertson Memorial)
Pau Sims 1968 Ducati 350
  BEST GERMAN - Ridden to the Rally

John Bonewitz

1973 BMW R75/5

Postscript to the furthest distance ridden to the Rallye.

Jock Adams is from Australia and he rode 11,200 miles to get to the rallye.  He has just finished his North American ride and is heading back to Australia - having done 13,480 miles on the Kawasaki KLR he bought when he landed on this continent!  Now that's an IRON Butt.

There were Five Rolling Concours Trophies and CASH Awards!!!!

First place received a trophy and a $300 cash prize.
Second place received a trophy and
a $200 cash prize.
Third place received a trophy and a $100 cash prize
There were Two Honorable Mention $50 cash prizes.

NTNOA Lake O' The Pines 10-04-12

T.C.'s latest racer – a TRIPLE-engine drag bike using three NORTON engines!
Click here for more about T.C. Christenson

The 2012 Lake O' the Pines Raffle Bike was a 1974 Norton Commando.

Jim Hemsworth, the Winner of the Raffle Bike  taking possession of the bike at the little house.

The Winning Ticket

Coming in Second by Bob Cox

I don't like coming in second place as I somewhat subscribe to Jack Wilson's theory that it just means you're the first loser.  Course that applies more to racing than a bike show.  But I must say I was excited to get that second for my orange Commando especially given that Phil got first for his "Phoenix" Commando - the bike he had the accident on last year in Westlake.  During the early part of his recovery he was talking about not fixing it up, even parting it out.  As you know, this is a bike he bought new from Doc Storm not long after getting out of the Navy during the Vietnam war era.  The wrecked bike stayed in his garage for several weeks after the accident and it took Phil a while to even go out there and look at it.  Amazingly the entire power train - motor, cradle, transmission and primary were unscathed.  But barely.  The front downtubes were literally resting on the head fins but none were damaged.  The left exhaust pipe was crushed to the point of being almost closed off right up near the head, but no damage to the exhaust port.  I had recently finished converting Phil's "High Piper" as he called it to electric start, my second of these conversions and the first from the ground up. Our ride to "Up In Smoke" in Keller and back through Southlake/Westlake was the maiden voyage of this new MII-E bike (my label).  Phil and I have been riding our two '73 850's together for about 15 years, ever since I joined the NTNOA and met Phil who as it turned out lived 3 blocks from me in Coppell.  So it was a rebirth if you will to see this bike not only rebuilt, but even more tricked out.  For the first time in two years Phil and I along with our 5 partners in crime had a ride around the lake on our '73's this last Friday.  It was a great ride.  So I feel privileged to come in second to Phil's "Phoenix" even though it's not quite as fast as my orange Commando./Bob

The Rallye Chairman and the Club Officers would like to extend their thanks and gratitude to the following people for volunteering

Dennis Tackett

Clay Walley

Randy Bauer

Bob Hagemann

Ryan Ambrose

Reid Schulze

Cathy Bauer

Jerrett Martin

Berwyn Henderson Bob Hagemann David Bradford Jay Moore

 The Rallye Chairman and the Club Officers would like to extend their thanks and gratitude to the following businesses for their support and generosity

Aggressive Insurance

BigD Cycle


British USA

Eurosport Cycle

Moto Liberty


Perry’s Cycle

Plano BMW

Rider’s Garage

Route 49 Apparel

RPM Cycle

(please, if I missed anyone, email me at ntnoa@ntnoa.org )

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