As many of you know, NTNOA and our sport lost two of its finest members in 1998.

Jim Flowers and Jim Gabrielson

The similarities between the "Two Jims" are many:

The Two Jims were, without doubt, the two Nicest Guys in the NTNOA.

Both were lifelong, very high mileage riders. These boys loved to ride!

Both of them usually had their Wives/Best Friends on the pillion.

Both of them had more good friends than most of us have acquaintances.

Jim Flowers was one of the first members of NTNOA, and Secretary/Treasurer for a very long time.

Gabe was a long time member and our President the last two years.

Both have always been very active in club matters and could always be counted on to lead or help.

Both were always involved in producing LOTP.

Both were our very good Friends.

Both taught us by example what being a Gentleman is all about.

Both will be missed more than they could have ever imagined.

Our special award trophy for the oldest rider is now "The Jim Flowers Memorial Trophy for the Oldest Rider at LOTP". Jim won this trophy many times himself at LOTP, New Ulm, Norton Nationals, BMW Nationals, and other rallyes. Seems very appropriate for it to now honor his name.

Our special award trophy for the youngest rider is now "The Jim Gabrielson Memorial Trophy for the Youngest Rider at LOTP". T his is in recognition of Jim's dedication to Family Values and promotion of LOTP as a family event. Jim's son has won this trophy at LOTP in the past. Again, very appropriate.

The ride was great, but far too short...

Godspeed Mr. Flowers

Godspeed Mr. Gabrielson

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