Executive Meeting

An executive meeting was held Saturday, February 4th at Big D Cycle. Those present were club President Richard Asprey, VP Ryan Ambrose, Rallye Chairman Dennis Tackett, Webmaster George Tuttle, former club President Clay Walley and former VP Randy Bauer.

Due to significant cost increases for the Land O’ the Pines Rallye and our Christmas dinner party it was unanimously approved to raise the dues to $30 effective August 1st, 2017 and increase the rallye registration fees by $5.  New members who join and pay full dues NOW will not have to renew until August 2018 and therefore get a $5 saving for next year.

The club will create two additional patches in addition to the 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 year patches that were handed out at the January meeting and will be handed out at each monthly meeting. There will be a “Member” patch that can be purchased by any club member for $10 and a “Life Member” patch available to life time members.

Every member will have an opportunity to become a Life Member for a fee prorated by the number of years as a member in good standing. The exact cost has not been decided however, it will be a dollar amount times the number of years remaining to reach 25 years of membership, e.g., a ten year member may need to pay 15 times $25. This will allow members to take advantage of the lower annual dues and provide the club with much needed capital.

Other considerations for raising money were tabled for a later date but included charging a nominal fee for the Xmas dinner party. It was possible in the past for the club to pay for everyone’s dinners when the membership was significantly less and the club didn’t have “Life Members” who are not required to pay dues. Last year’s dinner party cost the club roughly $4,500. Obviously, that is unsustainable.

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