New Ulm Rallye Recap
Click here for photos by Randy Bauer
Click here for photos of the Flat Track Museum

Dave Bradford and I decided after we were going to a rallye years ago, one of us would call the other earlier than our kick off time if we could not sleep. What we found out was that both of us were watching John Wayne's Rio Bravo movie before 5:00am waiting until kick off time. Well, Dave calls me at 3:00am and says, "I'll see you at 4:00am". All the preparation on the M50 and M65 Harleys two weeks before and getting everything loaded, I got to bed before midnight. I'm like a little kid on Christmas Eve. I can't sleep the night before. Last time I saw the clock, it was 12:30am. Walkie-Talkies in hand; his truck and mine are down the road. We ate breakfast in Hearne. The rain started, topped bikes off in Industry, and in the campgrounds by 9:00am.

We set up Camp Snap On, right where BMOA sets up -- "first come/first serve!" Check out the Rallye pictures Bob Spear and I took. Notice the NTNOA banner we took compliments of Norm Blumenberg! Way to go Norm! Thanks a lot. Norm and Mike Norton rode in wetter than hell. Ray Donaldson came in before Bob Spear and that was NTNOA!! What a bunch of woosies!!! And a big meow to Larry Norton!!!! Clinton and Lydia came in (former 59er's) and for all of you, no riding woosers, Don came in his pick up and his wife Rau (How) rode from Dallas on her Bonneville by herself! I think she has bigger ones than you guys!!

Rained all afternoon and night Friday. A guy lost his Easy-Up and Tent; water filled them up. We saw the pile and he was gone. A lot of people left Saturday morning. BMOA lost their Easy-Up so they moved in with us. Note the Rally pictures with their sound equipment under our awnings. At one point, they made an announcement to come to the Red Snap On NTNOA tents. Great plug! Great people!!

Rained Saturday morning, didn't want to ride, so the whole NTNOA Club loaded up in my truck and went to Sealy to the Flat Track Museum. Jim McCanless, Sr. and James McCanless, II were gracious hosts. Motorcycles I've never heard and many I have seen, all set up for flat track. Senior is an encyclopedia of info. Thanks guys for the great tour!  Click here for photos of the Flat Track Museum

After eating lunch in Sealy, back to the Camp and sunshine. Field events were great; the sand was damp but not dusty. For me, the field events were: Cold Start ' 71 Bonneville out first round; Drags '71 out second round; Ride the Plank - don't try this on a lightweight bike. The board is so warped, no weight to straighten it out. M50 Harley (Red) was out fast; Barrell Roll M65 Harley (Blue) was out the second round.

There was excellent weather again for the bike show on Sunday. M50 Harley - 2nd in Italian Class; M65 Harley - 1st in Orphan Class.

You want to hang around with some of the best hosts and people, Dave Bradford and I got that chance. They asked us to be in some of their pictures and we stayed until 5:00pm Sunday telling tall tales.

Thanks Mike McGill, Dan Hall and too many Shiners to remember all. But, thanks again, for a class act Rallye.

Yours truly,
Randy Bauer, VP

PS - Our Club needs to get a sponsor from Shiner. I think they owe us!!

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