Phil Dansby, aka Capt Commando was a judge at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, California.

     Last month I was asked to help deliver a very special motorcycle to the Quail Lodge & Golf Club for the 6th annual Quail Motorcycle Gathering. The bike was very special indeed as it was the first of a new motorcycle to be produced by Brough, the very first SS100. J.A.P. is known to have produced the engine, KTOR/M in the fall of 1924. Records further show the build of 001 was preformed mainly by the famous chief engines of the Brough Works Harold “Oiley” Karslate. From new until May 1930, 001 was used by the Brough Works as a test bed for loans and as a general ‘Hack’, hence the ‘shop bike’ description.

     The owner of the bike is a gentleman in the arms business who has recently located his business to Austin. Having owned a verity of classic automobiles he has decided to build a museum at his business site and asked Herb Harris to find him some worthy motorcycles to go along with the cars.

     Herb brokered the bike from another collector of Brough Superiors and the deal was completed after a million dollars had changed hands. Herb wanted to take the bike to the Quail for exposure and perhaps get a couple of Cycle Magazines interested in doing an article or two.

     The new owner agreed to let his bike be shown at the Quail as long as it was not entered in any competition class. However it was awarded the “Spirit of the Quail” award by the judges.

     Since I was to deliver the bike as well as being involved in the event I was contacted by Some Hooker to be one of the judges for the event. This I readily agreed to.

     The pictures I took at the event are shown with the first day, Friday being a ‘set up’ day while the event occurred on Saturday. Perhaps the most outstanding part of the event was seeing the Bonneville Salt, Land Speed Record Holders all together in one place. Our own Sam Wheeler was there as well as all the others. Quite a site that I am sure has never occurred any place other that at Bonneville.

     There were about twenty five judges paired in teams of two each to judge 257 Bikes. My partner and I were assigned to judge Norton’s and BSA’s. It took almost four hours for the judging to be completed and winners agreed on.

     Some of you will remember Gene Brown who brought his Brough SS80 the LOP about five years back. He was showing a 1932 Vincent single that was restored by Harris Vincent Gallery in Austin. This bike was manufactured before Vincent started making their own engines so Vincent used a Rudge four valve 500cc single motor. This bike took “Best of Show.” Last but not least Gene also had found a John Player Norton original with only eight miles on the odometer. That bike took Best British.

All in all it was a special event to have been involved in and I am thankful that I was asked to participate as well as judge.

Enjoy the Pictures,
Capt. Commando

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