Our April Club Meeting was Saturday, 17 April  2004 at 2:00 PM at
Keith Martin's RPM Cycle Dealership.

Our April meeting was held in conjunction with RPM Cycle's Spring Open House and British & European Motorcycle Swap Meet.  RPM Cycle's new website can be found at http://www.rpmcycletx.com.  The weather was pleasant and Keith and Alyssa Martin provided free sodas, burgers and hotdogs!  Along with the many classic and "unique" motorcycles there were two streamliners on display, the Texas Ceegar and the first Norton to go over 200 mph.  The history of the Texas Ceegar can be found at http://www.saveourstreamliner.com.

Dean started the meeting right on time.  Our newest member present was Chris Parry.  Chris' first ride on a motorcycle was when he was a very young child as a passenger going 100 mph on a new Norton - now that's scary.

Dennis Tackett gave us an update on the status of the two streamliners.  The Texas Ceegar will be going to the International Motorcycle Speed Trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats during the week of 6 September.  See http://www.speedtrialsbybub.com/index.html for details.  Keith Martin hopes to have the Norton Streamliner finished for next year's Speed Week at Bonneville.

The Bylaws revision proposal was accepted by the membership. 74% of the voting members endorsed the change.  Dean thanked everyone who voted.

We leaned later in the day after taking to Jay McCurry that Daryl O'Neill is doing better each day and just started walking on his own with the use of crutches.

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