Our April Club Meeting was
Sunday, 25 April at 2PM at the Keating's Residence

Many thanks to Laura and Bill for hosting our April meeting.  They had lunch prepared for all those who showed up early.  The weather was perfect and there were many bikes of different manufacturers parked on the Keating's new concrete driveway.

Chris Parry announced the results of his first executive meeting held during the Spring Hill Country Ride at the D'Rose Inn. 
The main points were that we would like to have a fourth membership category like that of the AMA for anyone who has been a member for 25 years called "Life Time Member." The other main point was that Phil Dansby was nominated and unanimously approved as an Honorary Member.  According to the club by-laws adding a membership category requires approval by a majority of members electing to participate by ballot online via e-mail.  An email was sent out to all members asking for their vote.

The highlight of the meeting was the Spud Gun competition.  Chris came the closest to nailing the makeshift target.

April Club Meeting Photos by Paul Valentine

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