By-laws of the North Texas Norton Owners Association
(Amended 5/24/2010 and 5/25/2011)

1. The name of the organization shall be North Texas Norton Owners Association, (NTNOA). The NTNOA shall be a not-for-profit organization.

2. The purpose of NTNOA shall be to promote and encourage the preservation and use of Norton and other classic European motorcycles.

3. NTNOA shall be an affiliated chapter with the United States Norton Owners Association (USNOA).

4. Membership shall be open to all persons owning or interested in Norton or other classic European motorcycles.

5. Classes of membership shall be:
     Founding members
     General membership
     Honorary members - Motorcycle dealers, racers, collectors, enthusiasts, and others who have made significant contributions to the goals and purpose of the NTNOA.
     Life members -  anyone who has been a member for 25 years.

Honorary members shall be nominated by the Executive Committee and approved by a majority vote of the general membership as outlined in Section 8c. Honorary members will hold this status for life.

6. Dues:
     Founding members - Determined by the Executive Committee.
     General membership - Determined by the Executive Committee.
     Honorary members - Gratis
     Life members - Gratis

All dues will be paid in advance to the treasurer. All dues are renewed on the first of August of each year. New Members who join and pay full dues after Jan 1 will not have to renew until August of the following year. Members in good standing will have the opportunity to introduce one new member gratis between Jan 1 and August 1. The new member will need to pay dues in August to continue in good standing.

7. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Webmaster, Newsletter Editor and Rally Chairman. The Committee may name other individuals to the Committee as appropriate. Executive Committee meetings shall be convened as deemed necessary by that Committee. Any members in good standing may observe these meetings; however, they may participate in discussions only if they have submitted an agenda item to the Committee beforehand. Only Executive Committee members may vote on issues presented at these meetings. Items approved by the Executive Committee shall be presented to the membership as outlined below.

8. Founding and general members shall have the right to approve, as outlined herein, all matters presented to the membership by the Executive Committee.
     a. Any changes to the first three articles of the by-laws require two-thirds vote by all members.
     b. Any changes to the remaining items of the by-laws require approval by a majority of members electing to participate in the vote by ballot in the newsletter or online via e-mail. Votes must be cast within thirty days in order to be valid.
     c. Items of lesser significance will be approved by a majority vote of the members on hand at the particular meeting in which the executive committee presents the item.
     d. No expenditure of funds can be approved during a meeting until it has been reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee and presented to the membership for a vote at the meeting.
     e. Expenditure of funds in excess of $500.00 must be approved by a majority vote by the members on hand at the particular meeting in which the executive committee presents the item. This is with the exception of established expenditures incurred annually by the Lake O the Pines Rallye.
     f. The Executive Committee can approve expenditure of funds up to $500.00 without vote approval by the general membership.

9. Officers of NTNOA shall be:
     President - The president shall preside at all organization meetings and shall have overall responsibility for the affairs of the organization.
     Vice President - The Vice President shall assist the president in carrying out his responsibilities and shall preside over club meetings in the absence of the president.
     Treasurer - The treasurer shall be responsible for recording and safe keeping of organization funds. The treasurer shall also prepare financial reports of organization operations as required. The treasurer shall maintain a roster of organization members and will be responsible for dues notification.

10. Appointed or voluntary posts:
     Rallye Chairman, Newsletter Editor, Webmaster
     Other committees or individuals as necessary.

11. Terms of office shall normally be one year. Officers may hold the same office for more than one year if elected by a majority of the membership. Nominating and voting of officers will happen each November at the scheduled meeting and the positions will come into effect on January 1 of the following year.

12. Meetings shall be held at least monthly at a time, date and place acceptable to the general membership.

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