Cado Lake State Park Trip
2/9/8- 2/10/8

In our eternal quest for adventure, truth and the best wine to sauté Spam with 5 members (Ming the merciless, Joe the jarhead, LeRoy Mean Greene, Sergeant Williams and myself) embarked early Saturday morning to East Texas. 42 degrees when we left but temps climbed to 67 by afternoon. All went well except a leaky plug in Bud's rear tire. Later a leaky air mattress caused a trip into Jefferson. It hasn't changed since the last LOP or 50 years. Did see about 100 Harleys' on the back roads all under their own power. Few other brands.

The evening was the usual discussion of poetry, literature, and a few war stories. After running out of BS repellant, the wine committee sampled the wine - Morgan David blackberry, vintage 2007 and found it low in alcohol but also low in price. I am please to report it faired better with the Spam prepared by master chef Foster to freeloading riders. It most have been satisfactory because none was returned or thrown back.

The evening temps were 31 or below. This would not do for many of the fair weather/camping Euro crotch rocket bench racing members who were bench racing in their warm houses that night. But that's ok. Some have to camp in February and why not us?

Applications for next years February Freeze Follies are now being accepted.

Russ Foster

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