Our January 2008 Meeting was Sunday, 27 January at 2:00 PM at
Keith Martin's new motorcycle shop -
Big D Cycle

The NTNOA's first meeting of the New Year was hosted by Keith Martin at his new restoration, fabrication and race shop - Big D Cycle. "Big D" is located just around the corner from Keith's former Triumph dealership, RPM Cycle. On display was Sam Wheeler's almost completely restored single engine Norton Streamliner that took an S.C.T.A. record at the Bonneville Salt Flats back in 1970 going 208 mph with a single 750cc Norton Commando engine on regular gas.

With the sun shine and warmer temperatures the number of bikes ridden to the meeting was impressive. The president of the Lone Star Section of the Vincent Club, Bev Bowen rode up on his beautiful Vincent Rapide and their club's webmaster, Dave rode up on his pristine AJS Single.

Our president; Clay Walley called the meeting to order on time. After introducing the members of the Lone Star Section and our newest member who rode up on his pristine 1969 T-120R Triumph Bonneville there was a motion and second to sponsor Ryan Ambrose, (aka Hot Rod) with a check for $500. Ryan will race Big D Cycle's Triumph 750cc vintage race bike for the full AHRMA series this year. Details can be seen at http://www.bigdcycle.com/roadracer.htm. Club member and Bonneville racer himself Randy Johnson, stepped up and matched the club's $500. Randy raced his 1972 Combat Commando last year at Bonneville and almost came away with the record for his class. He will "get it next year." Randy needs to go less than 10 mph faster to get the record.

Clay announced that due to other commitments Ben Phillips is unable to continue as this year's Rallye Chairman and that Dennis Tackett volunteered to do the job for another two years. The 2009 LOP Rallye will be the club's 25th and all past Grand Marshals will be invited back for this Silver Anniversary "Blow-Out" Rallye. That includes Sam Wheeler, Denis Manning, Dave Edwards of Cycle World, Brian Slark of the Barber Motorsports Museum and our own Ed Mabry.

Dennis officially invited the Lone Star Section of the Vincent Club to attend this year's Rallye. The Lone Star Section was originally formed in 1999 by Allan Johncock, owner of the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum. The club visits the museum each year during the Annual Spring Hill Country Invitational. The Lone Star Section currently has 45 members, and events are held regularly in different Texas locations. Look for some outstanding examples of Vincents, HRD's and other rare British classics to show up at this year's LOP rallye.

Dennis announced that the club officers spent $2,000 of the $2,500 authorized by the members during the November club meeting to purchase this year's raffle bike, a 1979 Triumph T-140 Special.

Dennis also won the 50/50 drawing. No, it wasn't rigged. Rebecca Matlock, Huston's daughter pulled the winning ticket. Rebecca was there selling Girl Scout cookies out of the back of their new "Smart Car". Dennis even donated his winnings to Ryan's racing effort.

The meeting was adjourned but most stayed and enjoyed the camaraderie.

Bev Bowen's Vincent Rapide (click on photo to enlarge)

Dave's AJS and our newest Member's 1969 T-120R Triumph Bonneville

Big D Cycle is just around the corner from RPM Cycle on 11155 Morrison Lane.


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