Our June Club Meeting was held Sunday, 29 June at 2:00 PM
at Duke's Original Roadhouse.
4180 Belt Line Road
Addison, TX 75001
Royl Lawas - manager

The meeting was called to order at about 2:20 PM by our President, Dicky Hunter.  This was our first club meeting at Duke's Original Roadhouse and a few of us overshoot the establishment on our way down Belt Line Road.  As it turned out it was a delightful location for our meeting.  I'm sure we will see another meeting held there this year.  Although a little warm, many rode out and lounged on the patio to enjoy the camaraderie and relaxed atmosphere.

Most of the meeting centered on our Lake O' the Pines rallye which is always on the first full weekend in October.  Looks like the Saturday evening BBQ diner may be replaced by an all Saturday afternoon concessionaire selling hot-dogs and burgers right on the rallye grounds.  As a result, the registration fee this year is five bucks less than last year (see rallye fee schedule).  Note there is a $5 discount for early registration so all you bargain hunters register early.

Our next meeting should be a lot of fun.  It is at Captain Commando's (aka Phil Dansby) residence.  There will be professional weighing scales available for everyone to weigh their rides.  Separate scales for both front and rear wheels will allow you to see your bike's weight distribution.  Check the upcoming (should be out the week of 6 July) newsletter for directions to Phil's place.  The meeting should start around 2:00 PM as usual.

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