Our June Club Meeting was
Sunday, 27 June 2004 at 2:00 PM
at former NTNOA President Johnny Cool's Residence.

A very special thanks go to Dave Edinger for again being such an outstanding host and valuable "friend" of the club.

Knowing Dave Edinger's level of hospitality many members arrived early.  A hand full of members even braved the inclement weather and rode their classic bikes including our President who rode his Commando.  Ask Dean about his choice of jackets.  In spite of the rain there were about 20 members present.

Dean started the meeting shortly after 2:00 PM.  Old business included a discussion of the state-of-the Streamliner.  Dennis Tackett went over to England to the National Motorcycle Museum immediately after word of the fire.  While there he ask Roy Richards, the owner, what he could do to help.  Roy told Dennis the museum would really like a stand for the Streamliner.  A vote by the members present was unanimous to donate $1,000 for the Streamliner's stand.  There will be a plaque to indicate the NTNOA's role.

Dean announced that there will be an Executive Meeting at Tuttle's garage on Tuesday, 29 June at 7:00 PM to discuss the Lake O' the Pines Rally.  All active members are invited to attend.  Click here for maps and directions.

The Meeting was adjourned at just the perfect time as Johnny Cool walked in with pizza and cake.

Here is a recap of the meeting we had at Johnny Cool's place July, 2002.

Our July club meeting was held at David Edinger's new residence and "bike" garage on Sunday, 28 Jul.  The weather was hot and so was the turn out with close to 40 members in attendance.  A few of the members rode their new rides to the meeting for the first time.  Everyone had a great time admiring Dave's collection of classic and vintage machines.  All run and Dave takes a different one to work each day.

Bob Cox briefed the club on his idea for this year's Rallye T-shirt design.  Bob showed us a draft of the design and it was enthusiastically approved by everyone.  For the last three years Bob has done a fantastic job creating the design for the Rallye T-shirts.  As a matter of fact, I've got one on as I write this.  Thanks Bob.

During the meeting it was unanimously agreed to donate a dollar per member to the Team Triumph Texas race effort headed up by Ed Mabry.  The team will be leaving in two weeks to set additional World Speed Records with their two bikes; a dual Trident engined bike and their new 900cc Trophy triple engined bike.

Thanks again Dave for hosting a fantastic meeting!

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