Our November meeting was held at the new Fort Worth BMW Dealership on
30 November.

Gregg Holt was our very gracious host and established a new benchmark for hospitality.  Gregg personally fired up the grill (a Weber) and cooked hamburgers and bratwurst with all the trimmings for those in attendance.  Many, many thanks Gregg.

Dicky Hunter announced that we still do not have a nomination for VP for next year (2004).  Dean Baker volunteered to be our President and since he was the only volunteer was quickly and unanimously voted as our next leader.  Bob Hagemann stepped up and volunteered to take over the Treasurer's position from Bob Cox.  Phil Dansby (Capt. Commando) will continue as our Newsletter Editor and Berwyn Henderson remains as our Sgt. at Arms.  George Tuttle will also remain as our Webmaster.  We have a month for someone to step up and become our VP for 2004.  The position is an opportunity for someone not only to help out our club but to experience the challenge of command.

Bruce Davidson will be our 2004 Rally Chairman but don't tell him since he doesn't know it yet.  We want to break the news to Bruce gradually - preferably after he's had a couple of cold ones.  Bruce did such a super job this year nobody wants to follow his act so, naturally he must do it for 2004.

Once again the club thanks Gregg Holt for his outstanding hospitality.  As the parts manager, Gregg has created an impressive array of motorcycle accessories at the dealership.  If you need something for your bike or motor cloths see Gregg - he's a knowledgeable parts and accessory professional.


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