Our November Meeting was Sunday, 25 November at 2:00 PM at
Ed Mabry's Shop, home of Mabry Racing and Team Triumph Texas

2528 Weaver Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76117
817 831 1805

November wasn't a good month to host our meeting.  The location was originally scheduled to be at the Harley Dog Saloon, i.e., Phil Crane's hanger at Hicks Field.  However, Phil had back surgery two weeks before the meeting and although he was recovering well was unable to host the meeting.  The location was then changed to Ed Mabry's race shop.

Unfortunately, the morning of our meeting Ed got very sick to his stomach, thought he had the flu and went home from the shop a couple of hours before the meeting started. When Ed got home he was so sick Judy, his wife immediately took him to Harris Methodist H•E•B Hospital.  Ed was diagnosed with an inflamed appendix and a hernia.  A couple of hours later Ed was in surgery for both. The surgeons successfully performed an appendectomy and repaired his hernia.  He was released Monday morning and was home before noon.  He now feels better than he has for a long time.

We had a good turn-out of about 20 members and their quests in spite of the cold, wet inclement weather.

Clay Walley announced that Mike Vance will be our new Treasurer taking over from Bill Keating.  Bill did a thoroughly fantastic job for the past couple of years.  Chris Parry is now our VP and Dean Baker remains our Newsletter Editor.

Our next scheduled event is our Annual Christmas Diner Party. It will be held at Mercado Juarez (http://www.mercadojuarez.com) in Dallas on Saturday, December 22.  The Social hour starts at 4:00 PM and the diner at 6:00 PM.  The entrée is Beef, Chicken, Pork and Shrimp Fajitas buffet style with grilled Onions and Bell Peppers.  Served with Refried Beans, Rice, Guacamole, Pico De Gallo and Shredded Cheese.

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