Report on the Ride for the Cure - Male Pattern Baldness

We were once again empty handed in finding a cure for this dreaded malaise that is spreading in the club. Dr Jack Daniel paid a visit with one of his remedies but it showed no signs of working. The pictures are of the South West Vintage Trails Association and their meeting at Palestine. A friendly and active group that happens to include some NTNOA members.

To counter the false perception that we are just bald headed old biker trash one picture shows Russ and Kent in the museum at Palestine. Know-it-all Kent is raising his hand in answer to professor Foster with comment to ride or not to ride that is a dumb question....

Another is at the Oxbow General Store in Palestine selling pies (very good) but they had not anti-baldness foods. The freeze temperature requirement was not met but maybe next year. All sang the Spam song for their breakfast but it must be noted LeRoy Greene did not do so with the expected vigor.

Russ Foster

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