Our 2006 Annual December Dinner Party was Sunday, 10 December at Up 'N Smoke.
The "Social Hour" started promptly at 2:00 and dinner was served buffet style at 4:00 PM.

Rebecca Matlock assisting Clay Walley handing out door prizes.

The following pictures are courtesy of our Newsletter Editor - Jake Hendricks.

Ward Hogue eulogizing Dante Caranci

Doc Storm and Doc surrounded by his two sons - (left to right) Ronnie & Kenneth.
Doc was a Norton Dealer and still sells Norton parts.  Kenneth worked for Norton.


Bill (our Treasurer) and Laura Keating

Members Harold Hemphill and Dicky Hunter (Russ Foster in the background on the left)

Bob Cox and Dan Peirce

Our fearless leader (almost) giving away door prizes.


See you next year!

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