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The weather was almost perfect for this year's LOP rallye.  Many more members (especially Peckerheads) showed up early to enjoy the camaraderie and a little peace and quite before the crowds started to arrive in earnest Friday afternoon.  This year's rallye honored our Grand Marshal Victor Toogood.  Victor has attended all 17 of our Lake O' the Pines rallies and has stories to tell about each one.

Thanks to Daryl Bane the Awards Ceremony went off without a hitch and for the second year in a row with a functional PA system.  Daryl's performance as our LOP- MC was as usual exemplary. Once again Bob Speer did a fantastic job of managing the complex registration process and selling rallye T-shirts, club T-shirts, pins and hats.  Thanks also go to Dave Howe, Peckerhead extraordinaire for coming up with Trophies and Rallye pins and to Dean Baker for laying out our bike show area.  Thanks to Pistol for the bike show documentation and for organizing the ballot counting team consisting of Betty and Dave Howe, Jeannie and Berwyn Henderson, Marlene
Gabrielson, Tommy Delmar, Ron Brock and last but not least our Italian Peckerhead, Fabrizio Petris.  As usual another big thanks to Paul Valentine who again handled all the AMA insurance chores.  Thanks also go to Clay Walley for rounding up in-town door prize donors.

To all those who did make the pilgrimage - thanks for making this year's rallye a success.  For those who didn't you missed a wonderful time - hope to see you all next year.

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Join the club.  Come out next year.  Display your bike & enjoy yourself in a weekend of great fun!

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'01 Bike Show Results





1 NORTON (pre-Commando) 1st. David Edinger '47 Model 18
1st. David LaMonte
2nd. Bob Cox
3rd. Mark Jones
'70 750 S 
'73 750 Roadster
'74 750 Hi-Rider
3 NORTON COMMANDO - 1975 1st. George Tuttle '75 850  Roadster
4 TRIUMPH (Pre-Unit) 1st. Brian Dickens '57-62 Thunderbird
5 TRIUMPH ( 1963 - 1970) 1st. Dean Baker
2nd. Rick Tompkins
'64 T-120 Bonneville
'68 TR6 C
6 TRIUMPH (1971 - 1983) 1st. Mike Thompson
2nd. Chris Recker
3rd. George Tuttle
'73 Hurricane
'77 Silver Jubilee
'79 T-140E Bonneville
7 TRIUMPH (Modern) 1st. Jeff Landwehr
2nd. Jay McCurry
'01 Bonneville
'95 Daytona 900
8 BSA (Vintage 1963 & Older) 1st. Jay Moates '58 BSA Golden Flash
9 BSA (1964 & Later) 1st. Clay Walley
2nd. Mike Selvey
'66 BSA Spitfire
'68 Victor Clubman
10 GERMAN (Vintage 1970 & Older) 1st. Perry Bushong '43 R75 Whermacht
11 GERMAN (Classic 1971 - 1993) 1st. Russell VandeWeerd
2nd. Gary Maddox
'76 BMW R90 S
'71 BMW R50 S
12 GERMAN (Modern 1994 & Later 1st. Lee Lacy
2nd. Colt Self
'01 BMW K1200RS
'94 BMW R1100RS
13 ITALIAN (Classic 1989 & Older) 1st. Phil Dansby
2nd. Tom Willis
3rd. Mark Denny
'83 Benelli 900 SEI
'74 Ducati 750 GT
'73 Moto Guzzi Eldo
14 ITALIAN (Modern 1990 & Later) 1st. Doug Fox
2nd. Michael Gourley
3rd. Derrel Robertson
'91 Ducati 900 SS
'99 Ducati 996
'99 Ducati ST2
15 COMPETITION 1st. David Eckerfils West Lake Speedway
16 SINGLES (British & European) 1st. Stuart Garrison
2nd. Perry Bushong
'61Matchless G80CS
Indian Brave
17 SIDECAR (British & European) 1st. Robert Correras '82 BMW R100 + Ural
18 OTHER BRITISH & EUROPEAN 1st. Stewart Garrison '58 Ariel Square 4
19 ANTIQUE AMERICAN 1st. Perry Bushong '49 Simplex
2nd. George Steel
Track Master/Triumph
'71 Triumph Tiger
21 CONCOURS 1st. Dean Baker
2nd. Tim Crain 
'74 Triumph
'68  Norton Commando
22 PEOPLES CHOICE Dean Baker '74 Triumph
23 OLDEST RIDER Jack Herneupont Norton Atlas
24 YOUNGEST RIDER Marcus Moates '71 Triumph T25SS
25 LONGEST DISTANCE ??? From New Mexico
            BEST NORTON Jack Herneupont Norton Atlas
            BEST TRIUMPH Dennis Tackett '99 Triumph Sprint ST
            BEST ITALIAN Doug Fox '91 Ducati 900 SS
            BEST GERMAN Kevin Wilfong '99 BMW R1100RS

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This years heroes:

Rally Chairman – John Orchard
Registration – Bob Speer
MC – Daryl Bain
Asst. MC – Victor Toogood
Trophies and pins – Dave Howe
Bike Judging – Dave Howe
Asst. Bike Judging – Fabrizio Petris
AMA Insurance – Paul Valentine
Bike Classes – George Tuttle
Signs, Club shirt and hat sells – Bob Speer
Door prizes – Clay Walley
Rally Packs – Bob Speer
Neat Bike Awards – Jay McCurry
Rally Shirt Design – Bob Cox
Pin Design – Bob Kizer
BBQ Coordination - Daryl O'Neill

Kevin Stovall for picking up the stuff at Italian Motorsport
Merry Bushong at BMW of FTW
Rob at BMW/Triumph of Plano
Audry at Motoliberty
Keith Martin at RPM Cycle
Jimmy at Stoval' Cycles
Eric at Italian Motorsports
Our own Randy for the Snap On stuff
Bob Kizer for the rallye & American Flag pins.

See You Next Year!

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