Thanks for your interest in the North Texas Norton Owners Association (NTNOA).

The NTNOA is celebrating its 30th year as North Texasís premiere non-profit organization dedicated to the use, preservation and restoration of all makes and models of motorcycle but especially British and European motorcycles.

Club meetings are usually held on the last Sunday of each month. The monthly meetings are held at different locations each month for variety and to address club issues and upcoming planned events. Itís a great time to see fine original and museum quality restored vintage and classic motorcycles.

Many of the club members own multiple motorcycles and will often have quite a variety of different makes including virtually every British, European and increasingly "vintage" Japanese makes. A great number of our members also own American made motorcycles including Indians and particularly Harley Davidsons.

The NTNOA has sponsored and organized the very popular Lake Oí The Pines Rallye for 29 consecutive years. The Rallye's Bike Show always displays over 100 of the best examples of all makes and models of motorcycles in the country with many British and European classes.

The NTNOA is an AMA and INOA sanctioned club with an active membership of well over 150 enthusiasts located in many states. Most are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and all are interested in riding, restoring and pampering all types of vintage bikes. NTNOA membership is just what you need to keep your vintage biking experience alive and enjoyable.

Enjoy the Ride and Live,

Chris Parry
NTNOA President

p.s. Feel free to attend the monthly club meeting to visit the NTNOA and see for yourself.

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