Our November Club Meeting was Saturday, 13 Nov. at 2:00 PM
2231 W Northwest Hwy

Dean Baker started our meeting right on time.  There was a good turn out especially considering the cold, wet weather.  Many members including our President even rode their trusty but now dirty steeds.

The first order of business was the induction of five Honorary Members.  They are (in alphabetical order) Perry Bushong, owner of Perry's Motorcycles and Sidecars (PMS for short), Gregg Holt, the new General Manager of BMW Motorcycles of Ft. Worth, Tony & Martha Lewis, owners of EuroSport Cycle, and Keith Martin, owner of RPM Cycle.

Nominations for new club officers (President, Vice President and Treasurer) were the next order of business.  However, there were no takers (nominations or volunteers) so the elections were tabled until our next meeting at our annual Christmas Diner at Up N Smoke on 5 December.  We also still need a volunteer for Rally Chairman.

Dicky Hunter mentioned that EuroSport Cycle is looking to put together a Triumph RAT Chapter.  Anyone interested in getting more information should contact Tony or Martha Lewis at (817) 838-8135.

Russ Foster mentioned that Charles Busbee is recovering nicely from his heart replacement surgery and is looking forward to riding in the next month or two.  Berwyn Henderson said that Bruce Davidson is back at work in his shop just two weeks after his motorcycle mishap.

Bob Hagemann brought in unsold club merchandise including hats, rally pins and T-shirts that were sold at wholesale.

Our Vice President, Clay Walley won the 50/50 drawing.

The meeting was adjourned and those who rode started suiting up for their cold, wet ride home.

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