The NTNOA's July 2009 Club Meeting
was Sunday, 2 August at 2:00 PM
at Pappas Bar-B-Q

The July meeting was moved to the first week in August because many members including our President (not Obama) were out of town in late July attending other motorcycle rallies.

Club President Clay Walley called the meeting to order a little early in order to finish early.  Seems Pappas BBQ ran out of Shiner Bock and some members were getting restless before the meeting even started.

Dennis Tackett mentioned that the club sponsored Ryan Ambrose and Big D Cycle's racing effort this year at AMA's Vintage Grand Championships during Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio, July 24-26,2009.  Ryan took the number one plate in both the Clubman 750 and the 70ís Vintage Challenge.  Ryan thanked the club for its support.

Recap of Ryan's races:
There was heavy rain on Saturday and the races were extremely slow paced. Despite the weather, Ryan won both races in the rain. Sunday was a much better day for racing, and the grids were larger. Ryan started in the second wave from the last row in both races on Sunday. The first race was the clubman. Ryan had the lead in less than a lap and by the end of the race was working his way to lapping the whole field. He took the overall win in the race passing everyone from both classes. In the 70ís vintage challenge, he again started from the very back in the second wave. Going into turn one off the start he was in third place in his class. After a couple of laps he made his way into the 70ís superbike pack. This class consisted of four cylinder machines that out powered the Big D Triumph. Despite being down on power Ryan got to the very front and began contesting the overall lead. On the last lap Ryan ran it wide trying to overtake the Honda that was in the lead. Then, on the very last corner Ryan pulled off a brave move to take the overall win again. At the end of the weekend Ryan had the most points in both classes, and he got two AMA number one plates.

The promoters for the International Motorcycle Shows have asked the club to participate again this year and display our member's vintage and custom bikes.  Clay asked if there was anyone interested in volunteering to organize our participation.  No one at the meeting volunteered but Steve Ledbetter later did.  Restored or Custom Nortons is the theme for this year's display.  Steve will be looking for members to man our booth and display their bikes.

The club also needs a volunteer to transport the club's small enclosed trailer to the LOP Rallye and back.  It is being stored in Southlake at Richard Asprey's residence.  The club will pay for gas both ways to whoever tows the trailer.

Nominations for next year's club officers (President, VP & Treasurer) are just four months away.  Fortunately Chris Parry has agreed to be a nominee for President.  Clay may volunteer to be VP but the club still needs someone to step-up and take the Treasurer's job.  According to the club By-laws the Rallye Chairman, Newsletter Editor and Webmaster are appointed by the club officers.  The club needs someone to volunteer to be next year's Newsletter Editor.  Richard Asprey has volunteered to be next year's Rallye Chairman if Dennis Tackett will serve as his assistant.  George Tuttle has volunteered to remain as webmaster.

Phil Dansby, Joe Edwards (#1 NTNOA number), Bob Cox and Mark Jones all attended the INOA Rally July 20-24 at the Echo Basin Ranch just outside of Mancos, Colorado. They arrived Monday and on Tuesday they all rode the 85 miles up to Telluride on their vintage bikes (except for Marq on his new BMW K1200LT) for lunch. Unfortunately, while there the largest thunderstorm in months developed over the mountain. Only Marq on his BMW was equipped for the chilling 40 degree temperatures and torrential rain. They all made it back down the mountain safely in spite of their hypothermia but Bob developed stomach flu halfway down and stayed at the small gas station in Rico for the rest of the day.

On Thursday during the awards ceremony, not only was the NTNOA elected "Club of the Year," but Bob Cox and his "Featherlastic" won first place in the Cafe Class.  Congratulations Bob!

During the meeting Phil asked for a show of hands of those who have read the July-September Newsletter.  About half in attendance raised their hand.  Phil mentioned that some people couldn't find it on the club's website and that it was a shame to let the hard work of our Newsletter Editor, Dean Baker go unnoticed.

New Rides:
Richard Asprey won an eBay auction for a tricked-out Triton.  It has a Norton Featherbed frame and a '78 Triumph 750cc engine and gearbox.  It should be here in less than two weeks.  Our president has gone over to the dark side.  Clay purchased a '66 Harley-Davidson FL from Dawson Baker, Dean's dad.  It's at Big D Cycle getting routine maintenance before Clay takes it on the road.  A discussion about the removal of the "Stallion" can be found here.

At this point the restless members were getting out of hand and the meeting had to be adjourned.

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